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Fully Managed

Fully managed for an organization's virtual event program.

Manage it Yourself

Use the technology with step by step guidance to deliver your own virtual event.


The 365 Event Platform subscription program so you can deliver virtual events throughout the year.

Event Network

Hub and Spoke manages multiple events portals from a single site.

The 360° Virtual Exhibit Hall & Lobby Experience™

The 360° Virtual Exhibit Hall & Lobby is an option that allows an attendee to dynamically move through a panoramic view of the exhibition hall with custom graphics linked to exhibit and sponsor booths, the auditorium for speaker and keynote sessions, agendas and social events. The 360° Virtual Exhibit Hall provides the event host with greater opportunities to promote sponsors and exhibitors and can be updated daily to reflect the changing face of any event.

Cloud Conventions hosted it's own tradeshow in May 2020

Watch the event video to learn more about the show or visit the Cloud Conventions 2020 site. Explore the virtual sessions and exhibitor booths to see how you might execute your own virtual event, conference or trade show.

4 Days | 78 Sessions | 4,000 Session Attendees

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