Build a Better Booth

Move around the virtual exhibit hall and visit various booths and it’s clear to see which exhibitors just ”phoned it in” and those that worked hard to build a better booth.  Booths that attract attendees and hold their attention have compelling graphics, offer video content, upload the right marketing and product materials and have a strategy to give attendees what they need and want.

I’ve assisted countless exhibitors set up their virtual booths, and I’ve seen some exhibitors really do a great job to create a dynamic and captivating booth, and some that just miss the mark.  Here is a list of some strategies that I’ve seen that work really well for exhibitors. 

#1 Update your graphics

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your graphics, now is the time to do it.  Memorable exhibitors know that graphics must translate into banners, decorate the booth home page, and be integral in product PDFs.  Go light on the words and heavy on the images and art.

#2 Add professional video content

Platforms that allow embedded or uploaded video give exhibitors new ways to capture attendee interest.  Exhibitors that become memorable create ”sizzle reels” that are short, professionally done and get the story out in only seconds or minutes.

#3 Be easy to navigate

Sometimes “more” is not really more if it creates confusion for the attendee.  Successful booths are easy to navigate and are not overcrowded with content.  Add links and hot spots to improve navigation

#4 Have clear calls to action

At live shows, exhibitors get badge scans, but often don’t know exactly what that attendee was interested in. In the virtual world, exhibitors find out exactly what the attendee wants by having a clear calls to action:  unlock the show special, ask for a meeting, request a sample or request pricing.

#5 Place assets strategically

Effective booths put their most important messages or calls to action where they are prominent and seen first.  Showcase the most important messages in banners, on the home page or by featuring content.

#6 Make it fun to enter and stay

You want the attendee to stay and look around.  Exhibitors that amp up the fun factor keep attendees around longer.  Booths can hold scavenger hunts, provide meeting lounges, chat rooms or roundtable discussions, and deliver interesting in-booth sessions.


Creating a dynamic and captivating booth is key to attracting attendees and fostering attendee engagement.  Set your booth apart from the other exhibitors to really get your company noticed by including updated graphics, videos, and strategic content.  Don’t overcomplicate your booth; make it easy to navigate, and include some clear, concise calls to action for how your attendees can engage with your company.   Put yourself in the attendees shoes to really give them what they want, and most importantly, keep your booth fun and engaging to ensure attendees remain interested. 

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