Get Creative

Let’s face it, virtual conferences and tradeshows struggle to keep things interesting.  When the event fails to delight the audience, that gives the exhibitor an opening to step in and make the attendee experience memorable inside the booth.  The more creative the booth appears, the more the activities inside the booth are interesting, or the more the content is engaging, the more the exhibitor will be remembered.    

Attendees will pop into dozens of booths each day of the event, so getting creative and making your booth stand out from the others in crucial.  Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your booth to really wow your attendees, and make your booth memorable.

Idea #1 is to create a welcome video

People expect a company or product video, but they may not expect a welcome to the booth video from your team.  Think about some out of the box ideas to create a fun and creative video that welcomes attendees into your booth.

Idea #2 is to go 3D

If the event platform allows you to add embed code, think about creating a 3D tour of your physical booth, product line or company.  Inexpensive 3D programs like Kuula let you select a panoramic image and drop graphics on top to make things interesting.

Idea #3 is to offer speed coaching

Add a speed coaching option for attendees to schedule short 15-minute sessions to get expert advice on marketing, sales strategies and more.  Embed or link to online calendars, and profile the individuals willing to be coaches.  This can include booth staff, your marketing team, external resources or even customers.

Idea #4 is to offer branded giveaways

Just because events are virtual doesn’t mean you can’t create a giveaway with your logo and branding.  Consider a 3rd party service to pack and ship those items after collecting the attendee contact name and address.

Idea #5 is to host a VIP cocktail or dinner event

In a live event, you would have had a VIP list of customers and prospects that you would have hosted at a party or dinner.  It takes creativity, but you can do the same at virtual event.  Get a list of your customers or prospects that are attending and send out an invitation for a virtual social event. 

Idea #6 is to create a virtual scavenger hunt

If you want attendees to really engage with all of the assets in your booth, hide clues inside of content, under banners and throughout the booth.  Attendees collect the clues, solve the riddle and get entered to win a raffle prize.


Adding a few out of the box aspects to your booth can really make your booth stand out and add a level of creativity that attendees will really enjoy.  Adding a 3D experience or a video to welcome attendees to your booth are great ways to add a level of creativity to the booths appearance, and hosting interesting or unique in-booth experiences or sessions are creative ways to really keep attendees engaged.  

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