Product Update


Cloud Conventions is proud to reveal several new enhancements to the platform and improvements designed to empower users even more with the ability to even more customization for your upcoming events.

New text editor for creating stunning professional level pages and posts

With the new and improved editor, you can go beyond simple page layouts by creating multilayered grids and columns. Using the new grid system, you can easily align content in multiple columns, stack images, and create advanced page designs to illustrate all of your ideas.

Each section of a grid can house text, images, carousels, quotes, videos and more:

Additional Customization with the attendee/member preferences

This added functionality improves the attendee experience by giving them more control over their own profile. Attendees can easily navigate between their profile and their preferences using the drop-down in their dashboard.

Attendee preference options now live in their own page, allowing for attendees to access them easier and adjust as necessary to protect their privacy and manage their notifications.

New setup process for members/attendees

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Various bug fixes

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