Analyze and Adjust

Smart exhibitors ask for data before, during and after the event and use that intelligence to adjust strategy.  Attendees often register for virtual events at the last minute, and sometimes don’t ever login.  Exhibitors should understand how many people are actually active in the platform to adjust their expectations.  If available, exhibitors should closely monitor booth traffic, content views and engagement to adjust their strategy mid-event if needed.

Here is a list of ways you can utilize data; these can be extremely beneficial in helping your company to stay updated and make any necessary adjustments.  

Registrants don’t always equal attendees

People that register may lose interest or lose their password and fail to login.  Exhibitors should press the event host for the number of logins vs. registrants and collaborate to help increase those numbers if needed.

Check on views and clicks of content & assets

Virtual event platforms and booths should be data engines to report on every interaction including visits, content views, downloads, banner clicks and forms filled out.  Knowing this data allows exhibitors to adjust their content strategy and increase ways for attendees to find their booth.

Adjust calls to action

If the data tells you that attendees are only looking and not engaging, then change your calls to action strategy.  Add specials, raffles, or other ways for attendees to express interest in you if they are not engaging the way you want them to. 

Adjust sessions based on attendance

You’ve opened your demo room and scheduled in-booth sessions, but attendance is light or non-existent.  If the data is telling you that your sessions aren’t drawing the right crowd, then cancel the upcoming sessions, change them up and see if you can enlist the event to help you promote them.

Extend time to hold meetings

Part of your strategy should be to set up meetings as a result of the show.  If those meetings aren’t materializing, then look at the event schedule and if there is not enough time for meetings, go back to attendees to get them to consider meeting outside of exhibit hours to extend your ability to have a one-on-one connection.

Be targeted in how you follow-up

The data should reveal which attendees just came to the booth and which ones truly want to interact with you.  Use this data to be targeted in your follow up.


In the world of virtual events, data collected from the virtual booth can be an extremely helpful indicator for how your booth is performing.  It can give really great insights into what content or sessions attendees are engaging with, what seems to be overlooked, and where you should spend your time and energy making improvements.  Use this data to continuously evolve and grow your booth to get valuable attendee engagement and follow up.   The ultimate goal of any virtual booth is to get your company recognized, and build meaningful connections with attendees.  Monitor this data regularly, and use it to your advantage to get the most out of the virtual experience.

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