Think Outside the Box

The booth is only one segment of the event platform and successful exhibitors know how to place themselves outside the booth to elevate their profile.  Sponsorships offer exhibitors advertising placements, sponsorships of sessions, the opportunity to host the social sessions and coffee breaks, have premium placements in site directories and be showcased in the exhibit hall pavilions.

As an event specialist, I’ve worked on many events that offer sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors.  I’ve seen the value that these sponsorship opportunities can bring, including much more attendee engagement, recognition, and better quality of leads. Here is a list of some different ways you can think outside of the booth for a more prosperous exhibitor experience.   

#1 is secure advertising placements

Exhibitors that research how attendees navigate the platform will best understand where attendees land when they login and the places in the platform that are most heavily viewed.  Advertising on the home page, in popular lobbies, on dashboards and in directories get the most views and clicks.  Exhibitor ads should create a direct pathway back to the booth.

#2 is to sponsor event sessions for agenda appearances

Exhibitors that sponsor event sessions get their logo on the agenda page and on the session landing page with links to the exhibitor booth.  When the session launches, the exhibitor may have the opportunity to introduce the speaker or give a quick overview of the company and have then the audience land back in their booth when the session is over.

#3 is to host a coffee break or cocktail party

Savvy exhibitors offer to direct and manage social sessions like coffee breaks or cocktail parties to elevate their profile.  Social sessions give the exhibitor an informal way to connect with attendees, show the lighter side of the company’s personality and invite attendees to get to know you better.  Social sessions should have a host, panelists, a moderator and a theme to make them interesting.

#4 is to find ways to appear in site directories

Before the event launches, exhibitors need to find out what directories will be present during the show and how to appear in them.  Directories go beyond lists of exhibitors in the exhibit hall and may include things like new products, show specials, in-booth sessions or giveaways.

#5 is to get into the Pavilions

Many shows organize their exhibit halls into pavilions where like-minded companies and attendees can socialize, participate in sessions that are delivered on the pavilion stage and have new ways to highlight themselves.  Being part of a pavilion increases an exhibitor’s exposure.


There are so many more ways to gain exposure and bring people to your booth than simply building a better booth.  Sponsorship opportunities can be a powerful way to get your name out there and showcase your company.  Host fun and interactive social sessions, take advantage of advertising opportunities, and find ways to appear in the agenda and directory pages.  Attendees spend a lot of time browsing the agenda and directories, and premium placement on these areas of the event site are excellent ways to help guarantee strong leads and a successful, prosperous exhibit. 

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