Have a Content Strategy

Exhibitors that excel know how to position themselves as industry experts, trend-setters and educators.  They go beyond just having sessions focused on selling their product, and instead showcase their expertise in the marketplace, what is trending, and the changing face of the customer.  A content strategy defines the exhibitor inside the booth as well as on the show’s event stage.

As an event manager I’ve worked very closely with exhibitors in helping them develop a content strategy.  I’ve seen some exhibitors do a really great job with this, and I’ve seen others that really miss the mark with their content strategy.  Here is a list of a few insider secrets that will help you to develop interesting and successful content.  

Secret #1 is design meaningful sessions

Put together educational sessions that offer true value to the audience instead of trying to hide a sales pitch under the guise of a session.  Exhibitors that deliver 2-3 meaningful takeaways position the company as experts in the industry.  Showcase staff and invite customers to participate in sessions.

Secret #2 is to take sessions on the road

Exhibitors that you remember find a way to get themselves on the event agenda as part of a panel, leading a roundtable or conducting an industry session.  If leading sessions is not an option, then sponsor sessions on the event agenda to align with the speaker or topic.

Secret #3 is to enlist outside expertise

Exhibitors that engage audiences know the value of partnering with others to deliver messages.  Add customers who can elaborate on the results of using your products and services.  Engage industry experts as panelists or speakers in one of your sessions.  Marquis speakers and presenters attract attendees to you and hold their attention.

Secret #4 is to give your best elevator speech

Your booth is like a billboard sign on a highway.  When an attendee “drives by”, you must get the basics in front of them in seconds.  Exhibitors that succeed know how to condense their message to relay their product offerings, their unique value proposition, and the type of customers that are the best fit.  Overwhelming the audience with content is counterproductive if the basics aren’t there.

Secret #5 is to highlight what’s new

Attendees want to walk away with new ideas, so exhibit strategies should focus on new products, new designs, or new trends.


Don’t forget that content is king when it comes to virtual events.  Really take the time to strategize ways you can deliver new and unique content and sessions to attendees.  You’re likely to turn attendees away if everything becomes a sales pitch, so focus on creating meaningful content and sessions that are more educational in nature, and offer real value to those that visit your booth.  Give your attendees something new and exciting to look forward to, and highlight new products, designs, and ways your company is setting trends in the industry.  

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