Engage Association & Non-Profit Members

Keep members coming back throughout the year for education, events and content. A virtual option to engage and education members is no longer a nice to have, but a must have for member organizations.

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Venue tracks all member interactions and engagement.

Flexible options to create an online community

  • Register members on the platform, connect to an external registration system or link to your association management platform.
  • Attend sessions without leaving the platform and track both the live and on-demand attendance.
  • Engage members with gamification, discussion forums, roundtables and social events.
  • Promote connections between members with Community™ features such as member directories, messaging and smart meetings.
  • Offer sponsors a better ROI by engaging conferencing attendees inside booths and offering additional sponsorship opportunities across the platform.
  • Use advanced data and reporting to track member engagement, offer detailed leads reports to sponsors, and monitor the performance of your events.

Live & On-Demand Education

Add sessions and content directly from your Learning Management System (LMS) or directly to the platform.  Take advantage of integrations with leading video platforms and embed video replays for on-demand learning.  Track for continuing education credit.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors and exhibitors can create thought leadership, elevate their brand, and generate sales leads.  Engaging virtual booths and ad placements attract attendees.  Exhibitors have on-demand reports to provide instant sales leads.

Attendee Engagement

Turn attendees into active participants with discussion forums, roundtables, networking opportunities, directories and interactive messaging to connect and share ideas.

Data and Analytics

Cloud Conventions tracks attendee interaction with content, sessions and sponsors storing the data in downloadable reports.  Keep on top of what keeps attendees engaged.

Self Management

The platform is easy to use, requires no programming skills and can be managed by association staff.  Choose if the event is fully managed, partially managed or self service.

Fits Any Budget

Cloud Conventions is budget friendly for the small association that wants to manage their own events or the association that needs a large scale event solution.

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