Attendee Experience

Keep Attendees Connected, Engaged & Inspired

Build an event strategy to ensure that attendees can connect with others, become active participants, and have their goals for attending met or exceeded.

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Create an experience where attendees leave impressed, engaged, inspired and motivated.

The attendee experience starts with registration and continues long after the live portion of the event has ended. Every interaction with attendees and their interactions with sessions, content, exhibitors or each other combines to form how they perceive the success of the event. 

 Understand the Audience

Collect demographic data on attendees to understand their interests, drive session strategy and help them connect with others.

 Communicate and Update

Use the built-in Message Library to send emails and newsletters before, during & after the event.  Add site announcements to send alerts on what is coming up next.

 Create Connections

Use Community™ to help attendees connect with others that have common interests.  Add matchmaking for exhibitors to identify attendees for connections and meetings.

 Share Ideas & Knowledge

Make attendees active participants through discussion forums, roundtables, networking, directories and messaging for them to connect and share ideas.

 Offer Great Education

iFrame live sessions on the platform, record and embed them for on-demand viewing.  Keep sessions short and focused and add a "Meet the Experts" lounge for after-session conversation.

 Stay Organized & Updated

The attendee calendar organizes session schedules and automates reminders to attend.  Attendees bookmark content to access later.  Their dashboard organizes it all.

 Connect with Sponsors

Streamline how attendees connect with sponsors to discover new products and services, what's trending, or collect exhibitor prizes and giveaways using automated content and in-booth session directories to make things easy to find.

 On-Demand Viewing

Attendees enjoy the convenience of going online anytime to view content, sessions and virtual booths. Keep the event platform online well after the live event has ended to allow attendees to return and view education, access materials, and explore the exhibits.

 Track Engagement

Do you know what attendees are viewing and engaging with?  The platform tracks attendee interaction with content, sessions and sponsors delivering data in customizable, downloadable reports.

Dashboards Keep Attendees Organized & Updated

Create different dashboards for each attendee category to connect their session calendar, discussion forums, bookmarked content, games and contests, and content or session directories.

 Community™ Connects Attendees for Conversations

Attendees filter the directory in Community™ to find others with common interests and use messaging to start a conversation.  Community extends to exhibitors to help them connect with attendees and attendees connect with booth staff.

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