Enterprise Event Network

Enterprise Event Network for Global Organizations

The Cloud Conventions platform is versatile enough to handle everything from complex integrations to regional meetings to the largest global user conference.  Platforms can be networked to a centralized hub site for asset distribution and centralized reporting.

A 2021 report by McKinsey revealed that 20 to 25 percent of workers in advanced economies and about 10 percent in emerging economies could work from home three to five days a wee.  Having a virtual and hybrid engagement strategy is essential to support a hybrid workforce in the "Next Normal."

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Built for Integration

Connect Cloud Conventions to an enterprise learning management, content management, marketing or other internal systems so all systems communicate and exchange data. Employees login and single sign-on delivers them to the event platform and back.

Detailed Analytics

Every interaction by an attendee, exhibitor or user is tracked on the platform with detailed data stored in the reporting engine. View reports online, export to Excel, or transmit data to enterprise systems for analysis or action.

Multiple Video Meeting Options

Attend an iFrame session, keynote, meeting or networking event embedded in Cloud Conventions.  Use integrated Zoom Video or BlueJeans for session management, attendance and reporting. Or use your preferred video technology.

Easy to Manage

Business units can have their own event platform easily managed by the administrative or marketing team without technical assistance or programming knowledge.  Once a platform is setup and delivered, it can be used over and over again to manage as many events as needed throughout the year.

Hub & Spoke Network

Hub & spoke technology, unique to Cloud Conventions, connects the business unit  platforms to a centralized administrative hub. Hub sites hold content, sponsor booths, speaker profiles or sessions delivering them to other sites in the network. Activity from spoke sites is reported on the hub.

Event & Session Templates 

Use templates to manage corporate identity and messaging. Use event site templates to create business unit event sites. Templates create applications, virtual silver, gold and platinum booth structure, speaker profiles or content templates. Create once and use over and over again.  

Sophisticated Enough for Global Enterprise...Easy Enough to be Self-Managed

Cloud Convention platforms are used internationally with sophisticated translation, GDPR compliance, integrations with enterprise platforms and the ability to manage events that span the globe.

Capabilities to Manage Local & Global Enterprise Events

  • Connect with external registration systems or use Cloud Convention's registration, application and payment.
  • Segment attendees by type and packages so they only see sessions and content they register for.
  • Automate session management using integrations with Zoom Video or BlueJeans secure video conferencing for session setup, notifications, reminders and reporting.
  • Deliver continuing education classes and exchange data with Learning Management Systems.
  • Promote interactions between attendees and exhibitors with Community's™ messaging and directory features.
  • Automate attendance reports for both live events and on-demand video viewing.
  • Customize the platform to reflect the company's branding and corporate identity.

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