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Give Exhibitors & Sponsors a Better ROI

The event platform lets sponsors showcase their brand, become thought leaders, engage with attendees and capture more sales leads.

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Virtual and hybrid events need sponsors to reach their revenue potential but must give sponsors a better ROI

Sponsors and exhibitors are after the same thing, a return on the time and money they invest in an event. The highest priority among sponsors is the quality of attendee interactions and the leads that result. Sponsors need to effectively showcase their brand, position themselves as thought leaders and experts, connect people to new products and services and get attendees to notice them.

 Understand the Audience

Attendee demographics help sponsors narrow the scope of who they want to connect with and help them reach out proactively to secure high-quality interactions that create sales leads.

 Drive Booth Traffic

Offer sponsorship packages with advertising placements, directory listings, session sponsorships and social hour hosting to get attendees to pay attention, interact, and visit booths.

 Make  Connections

Community™ helps attendees connect with booth staff. Virtual booths have "in-booth now" lists for staff to see who's in the booth and start a conversation with them.

 Become Thought Leaders

Add sponsors as session speakers and panelists, let them host  roundtables, or promote in-booth education. Position sponsors as thought leaders and pundits in the industry.

 Offer In-Booth Education

Demos or education on the trade show floor may be difficult at a live event, but the virtual booth is ideal to hold educational opportunities with attendees.  Promote in-booth sessions in site-wide directories.

 Request Live or Virtual Meetings

Matchmaking lets exhibitors filter a list of attendees and request meetings before, during or after the event. Add meeting request pages inside the booth for live or virtual meetings.

 Make the Experience Fun

Hold a contest to motivate attendees to explore giving exhibitors a points budget for attendees to find clues inside exhibitor's booths. Instant sales lead are created when attendees visit, register for the prize or find the scavenger hunt item.

 Participate as an Attendee

Allow booth staff to attend sessions, visit other exhibitors, see keynotes and join in social events. Provide exhibitors and sponsors the same experience as attendees to enjoy the event when not staffing the booth.

 Get Instant Sales Leads

Give exhibitors on-demand reports to see who fills out forms, registers for in-booth sessions, or simply enters the booth. Add demographic data to create a contact record and sales lead. Control sponsorship packages by metering access to data.

Virtual Booths Showcase Brands & Create Calls to Action

Cloud Conventions offers an unparalleled virtual booth experience with rich graphics, embedded videos, 2D booths, content and sessions posts. Add call to action pages to create activity and engagement.

Attract Attendees to Exhibitors with Directories

Automate adding new products, in-booth sessions or prizes and giveaways to directories that appear in high-traffic areas on the event platform to attract attendees and create calls to action.

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