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Event hosts and organizers can easily add virtual components to Cloud Conventions events. Events come online quickly, can be self-managed, and meet any organization's budget requirements.

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Live events launching without a virtual option risk that travel restrictions, health concerns or other disruptions will take their event off-line

The "Next Normal" is now defined by a resurgence of COVID variants, restrictions on local and global travel, limitations on live venues, and reluctance to spend the time and money to travel.  Live events must be reimagined and supplemented by a virtual/hybrid component for on-demand sessions and content. Virtual helps attendees organize their event experience, and provides sponsors with more ways to engage both live and virtually.

 Online Quickly

Event hosts don't have time to waste building complex event sites. Cloud Conventions can be provisioned in days, is easy to brand, and is organized to support a hybrid or fully virtual experience.

 Budget Friendly

Planning both a live and virtual event can break the budget; however, Cloud Conventions is budget-friendly especially if you have the experience to design your event strategy.

 Function as a Resource Center

Cloud Conventions can become a content repository and host on-demand sessions for hybrid events making it easy and convenient for both sponsors and attendees to access materials.

 Communicate with Attendees

Cloud Conventions has a powerful messaging engine to deliver automated or custom messages, newsletters, session reminders and announcements.  Use technology to keep attendees updated and informed.

 Automate Processes

Automate every process needed for the live or virtual event component: session setup, sponsor engagement, messaging, content management, registration, reporting and more.

 Be Easy to Manage

Your team does not need technical skills to customize and brand the platform, manage the workflow, or monitor performance.  Tips, hints and training are embedded in the platform and support is available live or online.

 Elevate the Attendee Experience

Having a virtual option increases attendee satisfaction, offers more options to consume content and learning, and extends ways to connect attendees with each other and sponsors.  Cloud Conventions is viewable and portable on smart phones, iPads or laptops without having to download an app.

 Provide Sponsors a Better ROI

Sponsors drive event revenue and need an ROI from participating virtually. Offer stunning and customized booths, advertising placements, directory listings, in-booth sessions, sponsorship of roundtables or sessions and more ways to attract attendees and generate sales leads.

 Useful Data from Platform Interactions

Extend your understanding of how your event is performing, attendees are engaging and sponsors are getting leads through the analytics engine on Cloud Conventions. Track every platform interaction and have data available in online or downloaded reports.

Cloud Conventions Is Online Quickly & Easy to Manage

Don't get caught short without a virtual option. Cloud Conventions comes completely organized and configured so you can customize how it looks, have online content and sessions, and be ready to onboard attendees and sponsors.

Give Sponsors a Reason to Participate in Virtual

Sponsors get stunning virtual booths that are branded and customized, are showcased in advertising and directories, can offer their thought leadership in sessions and roundtables, and can find attendees to connect with.

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