Sales Meetings

Use the Platform for Virtual Sales Meeting, Regional Event, or Annual Kickoffs

Virtual Meetings are one of the most effective ways to educate and engage geographically dispersed teams.  Reduce expenses by holding meetings online vs. flying people in to attend.

Even if there is a travel ban or your company doesn't have the time or budget to travel, you can still help your sales team build skills, get educated about the latest products and services and make new connections. Virtual options complement or replace a live sales meetings.

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Promote Interaction

Promote learning, idea exchange and competition by connecting sales people. Use Cloud Conventions' Community™ to connect and send messages. Launch discussion forums, hold roundtables and include networking and social events.

Train & Certify Results

Accelerate team performance by using the event platform for training. Learning happens in formal sessions, in roundtable discussions with peers, or though idea sharing. Consider small virtual events centered around sales skills, product training, or sales strategy.

Launch New Products

One of the most exciting times in sales are new product or service launches. Train your team by holding virtual and on-demand sessions and distribute sales slicks and product materials. 

Easy to Manage

Sales organizations can have their own event platform easily managed by their administrative or marketing team members with no programing knowledge needed. Once a platform is setup, it can be used over and over again to launch as many sales events as needed throughout the year.

Engage the Team Year-Round

When the hybrid or live event has come and gone, the virtual event platform stays online to engage the team with content and on-demand sessions, follow-on events, and check-ins with  elements of the larger event. Small events are executed in a fraction of the time with no need to bring teams in from the field.

Analyze Engagement

Do you know if your team paid attention, is engaged and involved? Cloud Conventions' analytics tracks interactions with the platform including content views, downloads and shares. It tells you who participated in live sessions, how long they stayed and if they watched live or on-demand.

The Perfect Solution for Sales Meetings, Kickoffs or Product Launches

Unlike in-person meetings, conferences and kickoffs, a Cloud Conventions virtual event keeps the sales team in the field and productive, eliminating the expense and time of travel.

Multiple Ways to Inspire Your Team

  • Promote interactions between the sales team using Community™ messaging and directory features.
  • Turn on discussion forums to exchange ideas, identify challenges and set strategy.
  • Hold roundtable discussions within the platform to generate group interaction.
  • Allow sales to login to your internal systems using Single Sign-on and link over to the event platform without having to log back in.
  • Use gamification to hold scavenger hunts or compete for prizes. Publish the results on a leaderboard.
  • Track engagement with content and sessions to identify what they are most interested in. Ensure your team is logged in and participating.
  • Use the email engine to send notifications, reminders, updates and newsletters.

Engage Teams with Scavenger Hunts

Hold a scavenger hunt and embed a "hidden customer" throughout the event platform.  The sales team collects clues that lead them to product information, sales training or new ideas. Publish the winners on the leaderboard to inspire competition!

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