Seminars & Training

Make Training & Seminars Interesting & Inspiring

Add a new dimension to online training and seminars to promote interaction, idea sharing and engagement. Use the platform's engagement tools to go beyond webinar sessions and create active participation.

Virtual and hybrid event designers can reverse "webinar fatigue" by offering shorter sessions, more ways to interact with session leaders, opportunities for idea exchange and a balance of training and education with fun and engaging activities.

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Automated Session Management

Integrations with Zoom or BlueJeans allow session setup, adding to attendee calendars, sending automated notifications and reminders and tracking attendance. iFrame sessions on the platform so attendees can join without having to link elsewhere.

Offer Continuing Education

Create live or on-demand sessions and track attendance no matter how the individual consumes the content. Include post-session quizzes or surveys to satisfy certification and upload paperwork into the attendee dashboard.

Meet the Experts Lounge

When a session ends, direct the attendee to a "Meet the Experts" lounge where speakers and panelists interact with attendees on the platform in an intimate group setting to ask questions, share ideas and talk about the subject.

Easy to Manage

Learning happens year-round using Cloud Conventions to host smaller seminars and training events. The platform is easy to manage without technical assistance and can connect to your Learning Management System to add content and sessions automatically.

Promote Interaction

The most effective way to learn is by interacting with each other.  Use Community™ to locate and message between attendees. Add discussion forums to connect and discuss content along with smaller roundtable breakouts for idea exchange.

Track and Analyze

Track interactions like content views, downloads and shares. Log who participated in sessions, how long they stayed and if they watched live or on-demand.  Survey to determine if content meets expectations and make adjustments.

Make Seminars & Trainings Interactive and Engaging

Don't depend on sessions alone to inspire your audience.  Use Cloud Conventions to connect learners to each other, hold discussions and discover ways to network and exchange ideas.

Educate, Engage & Inspire Online Learning

  • Promote interactions between attendees with Community™ messaging and directory features.
  • Add discussion forums for attendees to exchange ideas, identify challenges and set strategy.
  • Hold roundtable discussions straight from the platform to encourage group interaction.
  • Make it fun with gamification. Hold scavenger hunts or compete for prizes and publish the results on the Leaderboard.
  • Track how learners engage with te content and sessions to identify what they are most interested in.  Ensure learners logged in and participating.
  • Use the email engine to send notifications, reminders, updates and newsletters.

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