Tradeshows Achieve More With Hybrid

Design a virtual component to give attendees a more complete experience and exhibitors a better ROI than an in-person event alone.

According to a research study nearly 70% of respondents indicated they had attended a virtual event in the past year, with 62% reporting they were more satisfied with the experience when compared to in-person events. The study summarizes that "virtual trade shows, though a temporary substitute amid the pandemic, will likely remain and grow in a post-pandemic world."

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Provide More Options

Attendees may not be willing to undergo the risk, spend the time or have the expense of travel, so offer them more ways to attend.  Add virtual to every event for a to ensure that everyone that wants to attend can do so.

Maximize Sponsor ROI

Sponsors with a physical and virtual booth double the ways they educate and engage attendees and generate sales leads. Attendees view the virtual booth and its content outside exhibit hours, and fill out forms. Sponsors show up in banner ads, host roundtables, or sponsor sessions.

Offer a Content Repository

Give attendees an online content repository and eliminate the need for them to drag around bags of collateral they may only throw away later.  Exhibitors can offer virtual swag gifts instead of pens and trinkets.

Engage Long-Term

The live portion of a conference is usually 3 days, but the virtual platform can stay online much longer. Run it year-round to engage attendees and have them come back and revisit booths, on-demand sessions and content.

Promote Interactions

Use Cloud Conventions' Community™ to make connections among attendees so they can see who is there, message each other and meet.  Exhibitors can see who is "in booth now" and open a conversation with attendees that drop by.

Analyze Engagement

Cloud Conventions collects data on attendee and exhibitor interactions. The reporting engine analyzes booth visits, interaction with content, registration and attendance at sessions, and who is opening email messages.

Virtual Increases Attendance to Ensure the Show Will Stage

Expand the audience with more ways to attend. Build sponsorship revenue through increased exposure to attendees. With the uncertainty and risk of travel a virtual option is the best insurance that the show will go on.

Blend Live & Virtual for the Best of Both Worlds

  • Stream live sessions from the venue right to Cloud Conventions to capture a live and virtual audience.
  • Have attendees register for both live and virtual sessions and cap registration if breakout room capacity is limited.
  • Use the virtual platform as a content repository for exhibitor materials, content and on-demand videos.
  • Use the notification and reminder system to call attention to important events or upcoming sessions.
  • Offer virtual coffee breaks before the sessions start and exhibit hall opens to increase networking.
  • Create contests or scavenger hunts that get attendees to look at both the virtual platform and the exhibit hall.
  • The event platform is viewable on laptops, iPads or smart phones. There is no need to download an app to keep track of what's happening at the conference.

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