Analytics & Reporting

Analytics Track Interactions

Every interaction is tracked and displayed in the reporting system and made available to event hosts and exhibitors. Track login activity, interactions with content, session registrations and attendance, email delivery, activity in virtual booths and more.

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Venue Tracks Attendee Engagement

Standard Site, Custom & Exhibitor Reports

  • Track registrations & logins
  • Analyze interactions with content, virtual booths, forms, and sessions. 
  • Track delivery, opens and clicks of platform emails.
  • Customize site reports with filters and additional data fields.
  • Provide real-time reports to sponsors and exhibitors 
  • Receive detailed attendance records for sessions using Zoom or BlueJeans
  • Get detailed analytics for on-demand videos. Details can be used for Continuing Education accreditation.
  • Export report data to a .csv or Excel file

Demographic Fields

Demographic fields captured at registration to customize reports for a more detailed view of attendee interactions.

  Exhibitor Reports

Real-time reports for booth statistics, form submissions, in-booth sessions, and attendee activity.

Analyze Engagement

Track attendee interactions with booths, session registration & attendance, and content.  Viewable and downloadable.

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