Analytics & Reporting

Detailed Analytics Track Interactions

Every interaction is tracked and displayed in the Cloud Conventions reporting system and made available to event hosts and sponsors.

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A key benefit of a virtual event platform is its ability to track attendee interactions and engagement.

Everything that happens in Cloud Conventions is captured, analyzed, and reported on. Track every click, session registration and attendance, content interaction, sponsorship engagement, email performance and more.

Track and Analyze all Interactions

  • Add attendee demographic information to site and sponsor reports.
  • Create a detailed exhibitor profile and add to directory listings and reports. 
  • Provide sponsors with the ability to update their own reports in real time. 
  • Add attendee demographic information to higher-level sponsor reports.
  • Site reports analyze registration, attendance, content interactions, booth interactions, session registration and session attendance.
  • Use BlueJeans or Zoom for sessions and receive detailed attendance records in Cloud Conventions reports.
  • Get detailed analytics for on-demand videos.  Use this detail for CE compliance.
  • Export report data to a .csv or Excel file or connect Cloud Conventions to an external data management system for further analysis.

 Setup Database Fields

Capture attendee demographics at registration and exhibitor profiles during the onboarding process. Demographics are used to create a detailed record of each individual's engagement with content, booths, sessions and the platform adding their contact record.

  Sponsor Reports

Sponsors access on-demand reports for overall booth statistics, form submissions, registration for in-booth sessions and badge scans. Higher-level sponsors receive detailed reports on booth interactions with attendee contact records attached.  

 Analyze Engagement

Standard reports track attendee activity, booth activity, session registration & attendance, and content interactions. Reports can be customized to add additional demographic fields. Reports are viewable and downloadable.

Track & Analyze Everything

If an attendee logs in, Cloud Conventions knows it. If they look at content, jump into a booth, register for or attend a session, or fill out a form, we know that too. And if they open an email once or more than once, or click through, we record that interaction as well. Data populates reports and merges with demographics collected at registration to create a detailed activity record.

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