Branding & Customization

Brand and Customize

Cloud Conventions is not a one-size fits all platform. It makes it easy to customize the look and feel and organize it to match your virtual or hybrid event needs.

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Branding goes beyond logos and colors creating the way you want people to perceive the organization and its event.

Adding your distinct design, colors and other visual elements makes your event attractive and memorable.  Design and branding creates an environment that builds trust with your audience. It lets them know they will have a powerful experience at your event.

Customize Everything to Make it your Own

  • Cloud Conventions platforms are hosted on a custom URL that you select.
  • Make the homepage a showcase with custom colors and logos, pages and directories, videos, banners, graphics, and call-to-action buttons and links.
  • Add design elements to the homepage, dashboards, web pages, exhibitor booths and session catalogs.
  • Design any element of the site by adding sections, then moving them up or down or turning them on or off.
  • Responsive Web Design makes your event platform viewable on any sized device from a smart phone to a wide screen.
  • Use the built-in editor to add grids and place text, graphics, videos, tables, or embed code to any page or dashboard.
  • Virtual booths have all the design, branding and graphics elements of the site homepage for sponsors to showcase their brand, products and services.
  • Embed a 360 degree experience from any technology directly into Cloud Conventions to create an interactive, immersive environment.

 Design with Sections

Design the site homepage, web pages, dashboards, and booths with sections that can be moved or turned on or off. Sections include text and graphics, banners, content and session posts, 2D images with hotspots or embedded 3rd party technology.

 Customize Dashboards

Elevate the attendee experience by designing custom dashboards for each attendee type. Add messaging to focus attention and  navigational tiles to direct the attendee to locations on the site or to features available in their dashboard.

 Elevate Sponsor Brands

Sponsor booths have all the design elements of the site itself with customized web pages, 2D booths, text, graphics, videos and content sections. Create a booth template and allow exhibitors to remove placeholders and add their own images, videos or content.

Easy to Manage

Flexible design for graphics and branding lets you add a section, turn it on or off, and move it up or down on the site. Use sections for advertising banners, to embed a 360 degree lobby or exhibit hall, to embed videos, upload images, or to add content or session sections with rotating listings. The advanced editor makes it easy to add grids, include elements in those grids and customize the look.

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