Stay Organized with Directories

Cloud Conventions automates adding sessions, content, exhibitor and attendee listings into searchable directories that appear throughout the site.

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Attendees expect the event to be organized in a logical, easy to search manner.

The modern directory in a virtual platform goes beyond just a listing by organizing its elements in such a way to best highlight and promote key sessions, important sponsors, or featured content.  

Organize & Automate Directories

  • Segment exhibitor and sponsor directories into silver, gold and platinum sponsor sections.
  • Organize session and agenda page directories day,  track, or topic.
  • Speakers, panelists and sponsors automatically appear in directory listings on the agenda page.
  • Use directories to highlight exhibitor products, in-booth sessions or prizes and giveaways. 
  • Limit the number of exhibitor selections added to a directory by sponsorship level.
  • Add filters to make directories more searchable.  
  • Add attendee and exhibitor directories to their dashboards with custom contact cards and filters.
  • The attendee privacy center lets them change what is displayed in their contact card or opt out of the directory.

 Set Up Directories

Set up a directory and decide if it will display listings in a tile view (thumbnail image and mouse over information) or a list view. Turn on automation and set the rules for new listings to be added without manual intervention.

 Customize Search

Directories can be divided into collapsable sections to organize larger listings of sessions, content or exhibitors. Add filters to the directory for attendees to narrow their search for just the right listing.

 Update Automatically

Automation ensures that any new element that is added, changed or deleted will update the directory.  Restrict the number of elements an exhibitor can add to a directory based on sponsorship levels.

Keeps Directories Current

Cloud Conventions directories hold exhibitor, attendee and exhibitor listing, daily agendas and sessions, content posts, and exhibitor materials. Set up a directory and define the business rules to keep it automatically updated with new listings.

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