Increase Engagement with Gamification

 Get attendees to login and explore the platform is to use gamification.  Attendees search for clues, collect points and earn prizes.  Add a "Fun Zone" for attendees to take a break, play a game, watch a live stream or join a trivia contest.

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Gamification Inspires Attendees to Interact and Have Fun.

Automate Collecting Points for Prizes

  • Create a contest, scavenger hunt, or exhibit hall passport.
  • Allocate a points budget for exhibitors
  • Hide clues throughout the site and reward points when the clue is found.
  • Total points displayed in the attendee dashboard.
  • Let exhibitors award points in return for attendee interaction.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Add clues throughout the site to encourage attendees to attend sessions, explore content, or discover new products and services.

Involve Sponsors

Give sponsors a points budget and let them award attendees points within the booth.

Keep Them Coming Back

Post results on a leaderboard for attendees to see their ranking.  Create new contests daily!

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