Make Your Perfect Match

Exhibitors want to meet attendees. Attendees want to meet exhibitors and each other. Cloud Conventions automates the search for the perfect match and manages the outreach to get connected.

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Events are not just about sessions and sponsors. They are about connections.  

Whether an event is hybrid or all virtual, connecting with people that have common interests is one of the most important goals of any event or conference.

Connect Exhibitors to Attendees

  • Attendees and exhibitors are matched based on demographics, preferences and interests. 
  • Create customized directories in Community™ to make it easy for attendees to find each other and connect.
  • Use the messaging system to reach out, ask for a connection, and arrange a meeting.
  • Turn on matchmaking for exhibitors and let them filter attendees to find individuals they are interested in.
  • Exhibitors customize the outreach to their attendee "matches" and request meetings, invite them to demos, or ask them to visit the booth.
  • Track the performance of matchmaking messages to determine if they were delivered, opened or clicked.
  • Booth staff can see matchmaking requests sent by other staff members so they don't overlap requests.

 Set Up Matchmaking

Customize matchmaking for exhibitors by adding demographic fields used to filter attendees, how many search results will be returned, and the number of emails an individual exhibitor can send out.

 Turn on Exhibitor Matchmaking

The matchmaking tool appears on the exhibitor dashboard. Booth staff select fields to filter the list, see who matches, and create custom messages to deliver to prospects.

 Deliver Email Requests

Exhibitors use matchmaking  before the event to set meetings, during the event to invite attendees to the booth, or after the event to reconnect. The system tracks email delivery, opens and clicks.

Help Exhibitors Find the Right Match

Give exhibitors a matchmaking budget then customize the fields used for search. Exhibitors filter the list, find their matches and customize the email used to reach out.  Reports detail who received the outreach, if it was opened or if it was clicked.

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