Matchmaking & Smart Meetings

Make Your Perfect Match

People attending events want to find people they have something in common with. Venue automates the search for the perfect match and manages the outreach to get connected.

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People Care About Connections and Conversations.

Matchmaking and Smart Meetings

  • Attendees and exhibitors can find matches based on demographics, preferences and interests. 
  • Use messaging to reach out, ask for a connection, and arrange a meeting.
  • Turn on matchmaking for exhibitors and let them filter attendees to find individuals that match their interests.
  • Enable Smart Meetings and schedule when smart meetings are available 
  • Exhibitors customize outreach to attendee matches and request meetings, invite them to demos, or ask them to visit the booth.

Set Up Matchmaking

Add demographic fields used to filter attendees, how many search results will be returned, and the number of emails an exhibitor can send out.

Exhibitor Matchmaking

Matchmaking appears in the exhibitor dashboard. Booth staff select fields to filter the list, see who matches, and create custom messages to deliver to prospects.

Smart Meetings

Turn on smart meetings and have attendees opt in or out of receiving meeting requests from other attendees or exhibitors.

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