Keep Everyone Updated

 Use the Message Library and Community messaging to ensure that attendees and exhibitors know what to expect before, during, and after an event. 

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Have a Communication Strategy to Keep Attendees Informed and Engaged

Emails & Community Messages

  • Deliver email notifications, reminders, custom messages and newsletters.
  • Customize automated site messages that notify, remind and update.
  • Session reminders alert people when it's time to attend.
  • Newsletters send attendees back to the platform to look at sponsors, highlighted sessions and content.
  • Email reporting displays delivery status, opens, and clicks
  • Enable Community messaging so attendees can chat with each other and exhibitors can contact attendees.

Set Up Messaging

Setup the Message Library with a default header, footer and options. Customize site messages and turn off any that you don't want to send. Enable messaging in Community for attendees and exhibitors to chat.

Notify & Remind

Customize site messages for updates like password changes or login instructions. Turn on reminders for individuals to login, attend sessions or for exhibitors to update content.

Customize Email Outreach

Send custom emails and newsletters to attendees and exhibitors. Newsletters update on forum discussions, sessions and exhibitors.

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