Privacy & Security

Protect Attendee Privacy

Attendees expect a platform to comply with privacy standards like GDPR and CCPA.  Venue protects attendee data, allows attendees to control who sees their information and who can contact them. 

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We Protect Private Information to Make Sure It's Never Shared

Protect Data & Customize Privacy Settings

  • Display information collected on each attendee and allow them to change their information.
  • Attendees opt-out of appearing in attendee directories, contact through email messages, participating in Community messaging or having their data appear in reports.
  • Data is encrypted and stored with an extra layer of security that is monitored constantly.

Display the Privacy Policy

Privacy policies appear on the site footer. Add a field at registration to collect the consent to the privacy policy and collect any opt-outs in advance of the event.

Setup the Privacy Center

Determine the fields displayed to the attendee and which fields can be updated. 

Opt-in or Out Preferences

Attendees use the privacy center to opt in or out of  appearing in reports or directories and allowing others to request meetings or message them.

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