Privacy & Security

Protect Attendee Privacy

Virtual events can attract a global audience that expect the platform to comply with standards such as GDPR.  Cloud Conventions protects attendee data, allows attendees to control who sees their information and who can contact them.

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Event hosts must protect private information entrusted to them ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands or is shared inappropriately.

Having a strong policy on data management and privacy allows attendees to gain the trust of the event host to ensure that their private information is only shared with their permission. Cloud Conventions allows attendees to opt-in or opt-out of directories, reports and messaging to ensure that they are comfortable and secure.

Protect Data & Customize Privacy Settings

  • Attendees access their privacy center from the attendee dashboard.
  • Event hosts display the information collected on each attendee, allowing them to change that information to ensure it is accurate.
  • Attendees can opt-out of appearing in attendee directories, contact through email messages, participating in Community™ messaging or having their data appear in reports.
  • Data is encrypted and stored with an extra layer of security services that is monitored constantly.
  • Exhibitor reports can be customized to either include or exclude specific attendee data.
  • Matchmaking services show a filtered list of attendees, but mask the full name and email address to protect privacy.

 Display the Privacy Policy

Display links to the privacy policy on the footer of the site so it appears on all pages. Add a field at registration to collect the consent to the privacy policy and collect any opt-outs so the attendee record reflects their privacy preferences in advance of the event.

 Setup the Privacy Center

Turn on the privacy center in the attendee dashboard. Determine which fields you will display to the attendee and which fields can be  updated or retained. Set up the attendee directory to include specific fields from their attendee record.

 Opt-in or Out Preferences

Attendees use the privacy center to opt-in or opt-out of displaying their information, appearing in reports, or allowing others to message them. They can opt-out of custom email messages and newsletters but must receive site notifications for items like password reset.

Attendees Control  Privacy Settings

Cloud Conventions allows you to display all fields collected on the attendee during registration and permits the individual to update their information. Choose fields to add to the attendee directory, but allow the attendee to opt-out of appearing in it or in exhibitor reports.

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