Virtual Booth

Virtual Booths Showcase Exhibitors & Promote Engagement

Whether a booth is being used as a virtual exhibit or as a resource center for sponsor materials, it should be custom branded, exciting, showcase content, deliver powerful messaging, and motivate attendees to schedule meetings, view new products, sign up for contests or attend in-booth demos.

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Exhibitors on other platforms have not had the best virtual experience to justify the effort and ROI to participate again.  Cloud Conventions is positioned to change that paradigm.

Over 60% of exhibitors reveal that the virtual component of a trade show or conference has been a fair to poor experience. This is primarily due to having a one-dimensional listing in the exhibit hall vs. something closer to a real booth, not being invited to actively participate with attendees outside the booth and the event's lack of understanding about how to help the exhibitor show off their expertise while at the same time showcasing their products and services.

An Unparalleled Exhibitor Booth Promotes Interaction with Attendees

  • Virtual booths are customized to create a powerful experience when attendees visit.
  • Create booth templates for silver, gold and platinum exhibitors and lock down the ability to add new elements to the booth.
  • Call to action pages invite attendees to schedule meetings, look at products, register for prizes or attend in-booth sessions.  
  • Populate a 2D booth graphic with videos, linkable images, buttons, badge scan icons and links to content. Apply a different graphic to different sponsorship levels.
  • Add banners inside the booth and push them to other areas of the platform as an advertisement.
  • Add new product posts, prizes or in-booth sessions as posts and direct them automatically to appear in directories.
  • Exhibitors setup booths quickly guided by built-in tutorials.
  • Provide exhibitors with reports that track form submissions, session registrations, interactions with the booth and its content. Add the attendee demographic fields to reports to generate a lead.

 Create Booth Templates

Design booth templates to accommodate sponsorship levels and apply them to exhibitors. Templates serve as a booth or a content resource center and hold banners, 2D booths, videos, graphics, pages and content sections. Exhibitors replace template elements with their own graphics, videos and text.

 Add a 2D Booth Graphic

A 2D booth starts with a custom booth graphic that you add with hot spot links for buttons, images or videos. Add a library of 2D booth graphics and apply them to different sponsorship levels. Make the booths more robust at the platinum level and more basic for silver-level exhibitors.

 Instant Lead Reports

Set up exhibitor reports to capture form submissions, session registrations or booth activity.  Apply attendee demographic information to any report for instant sales leads. Make reports with expanded demographics available to all exhibitors or only to those with higher sponsorships.

Showcase the Brand, Products & Services

Cloud Conventions segments its event platform to create virtual booths or content resource centers for exhibitors and sponsors.  Use a booth to create call to action pages, add rotating banners, add elements to a 2D booth graphic, embed videos and upload graphics. Add content posts to view online, download or share and set up in-booth sessions for demos or meetings.

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