Virtual Booths

Virtual Booths Showcase Exhibitors & Promote Engagement

Whether a booth is being used as a virtual exhibit or as a resource center for exhibitor materials, it should be customized, showcase content, deliver powerful messaging, and motivate attendees to engage with exhibitors.

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Exhibitors and Sponsors Elevate Their Brand & Secure Leads

Unparalleled Exhibitor Virtual Booth Options

  • Customized to create a powerful attendee experience
  • Create booth templates for exhibitors to use and lock down the ability to add new elements to the booth.
  • Add a 2D booth graphic with videos, images, buttons, and icons
  • Exhibitors setup booths quickly guided by online tutorials.
  • Reports track form submissions, session registrations, and interactions with the booth and its content. 

Create Booth Templates

Design booth templates to accommodate sponsorship levels. Booths can be a content resource center, display banners, 2D booths, videos, graphics, pages and content sections. 

Add a 2D Booth Graphic

Upload a custom booth graphic and add hot spot links for buttons, images or videos. 

Instant Lead Reports

Reports capture form submissions, session registrations or booth activity.  Apply attendee demographic information to any report for instant leads. 

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