Referral Partners

Monetize Relationships Referring Virtual Event Solutions

Cloud Conventions offers a referral program for organizations that want to deliver prospects, but not manage the customer relationship.

Explore Opportunities

The marketplace for virtual and hybrid solutions continues to expand creating strong revenue opportunities.

According to recent research 70% of marketers didn’t have a virtual event strategy going into the pandemic but now that number is completely reversed in 2021.  Organizations that need virtual event solutions exist in every industry and on every continent.

 Assist with Marketing

We help you define the ideal customer profile for virtual and hybrid events and provide you with tools and a strategy to engage with them.

 The Right Sales Approach

Our sales team can sell on your behalf or sell with you to bring the deal in.  Feel free to refer and move on or stay as involved as you would like.

 Right for Any Organization

Cloud Conventions is budget friendly for the small organization that can manage the technology or the customer that needs a large scale event solution.

 Excellent Customer Service

We assign an event manager to help guide you as a partner or help with a specific event.  Learn as much or as little about the platform as you need and we'll do the rest.

 Great Commissions

Complex and large events bring in great revenue and offer strong commissions.  Our customers tend to repeat business with us event after event.

 Recurring Revenue

Many organizations want a year-round event strategy giving you the opportunity to have a subscription program that returns commission year over year.

Refer an Association, Corporation or Organization 

Cloud Conventions is the right event platform for every size organization, regardless of budget or the size and scope of their event.  The marketplace has expanded with more groups turning to virtual or hybrid as part of their event strategy.

Get in touch and learn about which partnership model is best for you