SafetyNet™ is a Virtual Event Backup Plan

Keep a virtual event platform on standby and ready to go in the event attendance declines at the live event or you need to offer a virtual event option.

 Bring a Cloud Conventions virtual event platform online and have it on standby to be ready to complement or replace your live event if needed.  Cloud Conventions comes fully organized to host on-demand or live sessions, provide sponsors with a virtual booth or resource center, and create ways for attendees to engage, connect and participate.

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SafetyNet — A Virtual Event Platform Ready to Go

Select a URL for the event platform, have Cloud Conventions get it ready for you, and secure it behind a login to keep it private until you need it. Cloud Conventions will customize the home page, create catalogs to hold live and on demand sessions, have virtual booth templates ready, create custom attendee dashboards and organize the message center to update and inform your audience.


Pay a one-time setup fee and if you go live with Cloud Conventions for your virtual or hybrid option, that fee will apply to your total event package.

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Custom URL
Select a custom URL for the event platform, have it ready to go, but keep it private until needed.

Customized for attendees and sponsors. Include ads, videos, navigational tiles, profiles & privacy.

Searchable directories, messaging, discussion forums. Find and connect.

Integrated with Zoom and BlueJeans.  iFrame right on the platform.

Automate signup, notifications and reminders. Cap attendance and offer a waitlist.

Virtual booths, resource centers, directories, advertising, reporting.

Automated notifications and reminders.  Custom messages and newsletters.

Scavenger hunts and contests.  Collect points an redeem for prizes. Add to sponsorships.

Site messages alert attendees of upcoming activities.  Schedule to appear.

Serve a global audience with translations in 100+ languages.

Segment access by attendee type.  Attendees have a privacy center to opt-out of directories and messaging.

Track activity and displayed in detailed reports.  Provide reporting to exhibitors and sponsors.

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