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Get a Venue platform that is setup and ready  to customize for you to onboard and manage attendees, manage and deliver sessions, brand and customize, offer virtual booths, host content, deliver email messages, add scavenger hunts, turn on directories and messaging and track everything with detailed analytics.


(Up to 300 Registered)

Perfect for small organizations that don't need all of the bells and whistles.

$350/ month (3 month minimum)

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10% discount for pre-paid annual


(Up to 500 Registered)

Top-tier features to run the perfect event or keep people engaged year-round.

$550/ month (3 month minimum)

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10% discount for pre-paid annual


(Up to 1,000 Registered)

Premium features and functionality for events, conferences or 365 engagement.

$800/ month (3 month minimum)

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Enterprise level can accommodate events of all sizes and needs.

Custom integrations, advanced features, Hub & Spoke networks

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Plan Details Essential Advanced Premium
Number of ParticipantsThe maximum amount of attendees and site members.
Number of AdministratorsThe maximum amount of site administrators with logins to manage the site.
Participant TypesSet permission levels to restrict access to certain areas of the platform.
Registration Applications Create custom registration pages with forms and add payment with discounts, refunds and custom email messaging
Custom Databases Track and manage participants, sponsors and users using the platform's customizable databases
Participant Experience Essential Advanced Premium
Custom dashboards Access participant features and view custom messages, videos and graphics or advertisements on the dashboard.
Personalized Calendars Sign up for sessions to build a personalized agenda.
Bookmark Content Favorite content or sessions to save selections to the dashboard for easy access.
Personalized Profile Add profile pictures and update your personal information
Privacy Center Opt in or out of communications and directories or sharing your information in reports.
Directory Search and filter participants based on their profile information.
Private Chat Engage in one-on-one conversations with other participants and sponsors.
Session Reminders Create custom reminders to notify individuals of upcoming sessions.
Sponsors & Exhibitors Essential Advanced Premium
Virtual Booths Maximum amount of virtual booths available on the site.
2D Booth Templates Customized booth graphic to add zones for embedded videos, uploaded graphics, linkable buttons, badge scan and message icons.
Badge Scan Add a badge scan icon for participants to submit their information when they visit a booth.
Restricted Access Manage who can have access to booths or content and session catalogs.
Meeting Requests Allow exhibitors to send meeting requests to participants on the site.
Participant Features  Add additional features for booth administrator to sign up for sessions, favorite content and more.
Directory Access Allow booth administrators to view an attendee or booth administrator directory.
Chat Enable chat for administrators to send and receive messages from participants.
Essential Booth Reports Real-time reports to show overall booth statistics, form submissions and sign ups for in-booth sessions.
Premium Booth Reports Add advanced analytics and additional demographic fields to create detailed sales leads.
Advanced Features Essential Advanced Premium
Custom Branding and Appearance Customize the look and feel of the homepage, webpages, dashboards, content catalogs and booths.
2D Site Template Upload custom graphics to have zones for embedded videos, uploaded graphics, and linkable buttons.
Site Wide Announcements Add messages with hyperlinks to the top of the site and schedule them to appear and be removed.
Live Stream Sessions Stream sessions live through the platform.
On-Demand Sessions Convert live session recordings into on-demand sessions with viewer analytics.
Content Reviews Turn on reviews for content and sessions with a 5-star rating system.
Speaker Database Add automated directories of speakers with name, organization, title and bio to be automatically added to session posts.
Gamification Add scavenger hunts or other activities to the platform and allow participants to earn points for certain activities
Restrict Content & Session Access Restrict access to individual content and sessions by participant type.
Automated Site Emails Send automated welcome messages, notifications and reminders.
Custom Emails Send emails using the advanced email editor with grids for text and images.
Newsletters Build a newsletter and create sections for text and images, automated directories, and discussion forum updates.
Translation Allow participants to select from over 100 languages to translate text on the front of the site and administrative dashboards.
Analytics Essential Advanced Premium
Real-time Analytics Dashboard Gain access to instant analytics showing participant interactions and engagement
Exportable Reports Download any report into a .csv or Excel file.
Essential Site Reports Add a custom date range and receive reports from administration or all activity on the site.
Custom Site Reports Take a site report and customize it by adding additional database fields or filters to narrow the report data.