Content Hosting

Host and Manage Content 

Portals host and manage on-demand session and content assets and organize them into catalogs for easy management and viewing.

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Access to content is critical during before, during and after events.

On-demand learning enables people to consume content at a pace that works for them and at a time and place of their choosing.
Leverage technology to meet modern learners’ needs because it is bite-sized, relevant and timely. 

Showcase Sponsor Materials

For a hybrid event, sponsors and exhibitors may staff their physical booth, but also have a resource center to hold collateral. Offer exhibitors their own segment to add content, product literature and training, and track views.

On-demand Recorded Sessions

Workshop and breakout spaces at a live event are limited.  Pre-record sessions to add to the resource center and use an AV team to record and transmit live sessions to for some viewers to attend online.

Curate  a Content Library

Attendees demand more information on event topics. The best solution is give provide a content library. Curate content, post it in the resource center for online consumption, downloading or sharing.

Easy to Manage

Cloud Conventions' resource centers are branded, easily customized and manageable without technical skills. Divide the center into catalogs so others can manage their section. Sponsors login, customize their catalog and add content.

Hub & Spoke Network

Keep a centralized resource center of content posts, recorded sessions, speaker profiles and exhibitor materials on a hub.  Connect multiple event sites to the hub to automatically transfer content, speaker profiles or recorded sessions.

Track Engagement

Detailed reports track when an attendee logs in, looks at content, views a session or explores the site. Provide custom reports to sponsors for their individual segments of the site. Reports are viewed online, downloaded or exported.

Online Resource Centers Complement Live Events

Cloud Conventions has a sophisticated content management architecture to organize and display content, live and on-demand sessions, and sponsor materials inside an event resource center.

Capabilities to Organize and Manage Content & Sessions

  • Cloud Conventions Resource Centers are divided into catalogs that are managed by you or sponsors.
  • Sponsor resource centers are brandable, store files, embedded videos and graphics, managed by the sponsor.
  • Add content for attendees to view online, download, or share by email and share on social media.
  • Upload content to go live now or schedule it to add and remove content at a future date.
  • Attendees can bookmark content and access it later, write a review or get a newsfeed when new content is posted.
  • Use the Message Library to send updates or newsletters to direct attendee attention on new or important content.
  • Customize the platform to reflect your branding.

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