Hybrid Events

Reach all Audiences with a Hybrid Event

A hybrid option is a complement versus a competitor to a live event. Use Cloud Conventions to engage audiences before the event, provide a resource center for content and on-demand sessions, and engage the audience long after the live event has ended.

Register & Manage Attendees • Sponsor Resource Centers or Virtual Booths • 
Live or On-Demand Sessions • Attendee & Exhibitor Directories •  Engagement Tracking

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Widen your audience with an in-person and virtual event option

Hybrid Events Accelerate Engagement

Cloud Conventions has a complete feature set to manage a hybrid event. Start with a fully brandable and custom platform, then organize the site to hold content, offer sponsors a virtual booth or resource center, showcase on demand sessions, automate communication with attendees, and use analytics to track engagement.

Cloud Conventions is a portable technology and viewable on any device without having to download an app. Attendees can navigate the exhibit hall, find sessions, view announcements, receive messaging or find content on their iPad, smart phone or laptop.

Registration Use our system or connect to your own to manage both live and virtual attendees at the same time.

Dashboards Customized for attendees and sponsors. Ads, videos, navigational tiles, profiles and privacy

Community Searchable directories, messaging, discussion forums. Connect and meet live or virtually.

On Demand
Add recorded sessions and track views.  Continuing education compliant.

Add and manage an online content library to augment learning and resources for attendees.

Sponsors Offer virtual booths, content resource centers, advertising, in-booth sessions and detailed reports.

Messaging Automated notifications and reminders.  Custom messages and newsletters.

Gamification Scavenger hunts and contests.  Collect points to redeem for prizes. Add to sponsorships.

Site messages to alert attendees to upcoming activities.  Schedule to appear.

Translate for a global audience in 100+ languages.

Segment access by attendee type.  Attendees have a privacy center to opt out of directories and messaging

Track activity and display it in detailed reports.  Provide detailed reporting to exhibitors and sponsors.

Have a live show and are just looking for a virtual back up?

Learn about our SafetyNet program and have a virtual event platform on standby if event attendance declines or cancellation concerns arise.

The Virtual & Hybrid Event Outlook for Associations

In 2020 associations had to cancel their in-person conferences and pivot to everything from webinars to multi-day virtual conferences. Virtual events proved to be a game changer to increase attendance, promote member engagement and generate revenue outside of membership fees. 

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The Best Insurance for Events

Everyone wants to get back to in-person, but nobody wants a repeat of 2020, where events had to scramble at the last minute to try and salvage attendance, content, and revenue.

Make sure you are ready to stage your event no matter what the circumstances!

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