Offer Online Training & Certification Programs Year-round

The training platform delivers live and on-demand sessions, can be organized by education tracks,
and offers certifications or customer training


Template, Quick Start Guide & Pro tips help with setup.


Add custom colors and logos, banners, graphics, videos & visual elements.


Segments for sessions, content, sponsors, help desks & engagement


Automate email outreach, directory creation & sessions management.

Easy to Setup, Brand & Manage

Online Training & Certifications

Education Tracks

Segment the platform into education tracks that hold content and multiple sessions.

Content Libraries

Add content for industry insights and to supplement training programs.


Ensure compliance with CE requirements and upload certificates to member dashboards.


Track session participation, interaction with content and education.

Add Members

Connect to your employee system, upload directly or use the built in sign up features.

 Event Registration

Built-in registration with custom page, form, pricing packages & paywall.

Segment into Types

Segment your audience into types for a custom viewing experience.


Use custom dashboards to navigate individuals to different locations & features.

Flexible Ways to Add Members or Attendees

Live & On-Demand Sessions


Use your BlueJeans by Verizon & Zoom accounts to automate sessions.

Live Sessions

Signup for sessions, add to calendar & get email reminders.

On Demand

Upload the MP4 video recording and track how individuals are engaging.


Session attendance and on-demand viewing appear in reports.

Standard Reports

Training platforms have standard reports that are setup and ready to view.

Custom Reports

Add fields, filters or date ranges to turn a site report into a custom report.

Catalog Reports

Detail all activity inside of a site segment to monitor activity.


Ensure individuals meet training requirements by tracking engagement.

Track Activity in Detailed Reports