Venue Pricing

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Venue platforms are ready for you to brand and customize, onboard attendees, manage and deliver sessions, offer virtual booths,
host content, deliver email messages, add scavenger hunts, turn on directories and messaging and track everything with detailed analytics.


(Up to 300 Registered)

Perfect for small organizations that don't need all of the bells and whistles.

$400/ month (3 month minimum)

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5% discount for pre-paid annual


(Up to 500 Registered)

Top-tier features to run the perfect event or keep people engaged year-round.

$600/ month (3 month minimum)

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10% discount for pre-paid annual


(Up to 1,000 Registered)

Premium features and functionality for events, conferences or 365 engagement.

$800/ month (3 month minimum)

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10% discount for pre-paid annual



Enterprise level can accommodate events of all sizes and needs.

Custom integrations, advanced features, Hub & Spoke networks

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Plan Details

Participants:  The maximum number of participants in the platform


Virtual Booths:  The maximum number of virtual exhibitor booths on the platform.


Administrators: The maximum site or catalog administrators to login and manage the site or its segments




Registration: Built-in registration with custom page, form, payment, discounts, refunds, and email messages

Administration: Track and manage participants, sponsors and users using the platform's customizable databases

Participant Experience

Participant Types:  Add types for a custom viewing experience and to restrict access to certain areas of the platform

Dashboards:  Access participant features and view custom messages, videos and graphics or advertisements on the dashboard.

Calendars:  Sign up for sessions to build a personalized agenda and add sessions to your business calendar

Bookmarks:  Favorite content or sessions and save selections to the dashboard for easy access.

Profile & Preferences:  Upload image, set time zone, opt in or out of appearance in directories and reports

Directory:  Customized directories by attendee type.  Add exhibit staff to directories.

Chat Messages:  Find individuals in a directory and open a chat dialog.

Forums:   Customized discussion forums segmented by topic and managed by administrators.

Session Management

Integrations:  Connect your Zoom or BlueJeans by Verizon accounts for sessions and keynotes

Session Set-Up:  Easy setup.  For Zoom or BlueJeans users, automate adding sessions to the video platform

Speakers:  Site-wide directory of speakers to be tagged to session posts and appear as a directory page.

Session Access:  Embed a BlueJeans session anywhere on the platform for instant access or provide attendees custom links to join.

Registration:  Sign up for a session to add to site calendar, business calendar and receive reminders.

Email Reminders:  Turn on up to 4 email reminders to attend a session.

On-Demand:  Upload MP4 session recording for on-demand viewing and track participation.

Custom Site Features

Appearance:  Custom colors & fonts, add graphics, embedded videos, banners & text through the site and dashboards.

Content:  Upload content files, view on the site, allow download and sharing, turn on reviews and track engagement

Gamification:   Add scavenger hunts or other activities and allow participants to earn points.

Site Emails:   Send automated welcome messages, notifications and reminders.

Custom Emails:   Send emails using the advanced email editor with grids for text and images.

Newsletters:   Build a newsletter with sections for text and images, automated directories, and discussion forum updates.

Embed Code:   Add embed code to the site header or footer for analytics or embedded experiences.

Translation:   Translate the site and administrative dashboards into over 100 languages

Privacy:    Make the site public or private and restrict access to site segments, content or sessions.

Announcements:   Schedule site-wide announcements to notify attendees of important events.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

2D Booth Templates:   Pre-loaded custom graphic with hot spots for buttons, images, videos, badge scans and messaging




Badge Scan:   Icon for participants to submit contact information as they enter the booth

Meeting Requests:   Filter the attendee list, find matches, send email meeting requests, track email delivery

Participant Features:   Turn on personal calendars, bookmarks, directories and other participant features for booth staff.

Chat Messages:   Turn on chat messages for booth staff to engage participants as they enter the booth


Site Reports:   Data from administration, booth activity, attendee activity, emails, forms, sessions

Custom Reports:   Customize a site report with database fields or filters to narrow the report data.

Booth Reports:   Real-time reports to show overall booth statistics, form submissions and sign ups for in-booth sessions.

Premium Booth Reports:   Add advanced analytics and additional demographic fields to create detailed sales leads.