Registration & Packages

Flexible Registration at Your Fingertips

Sit back and relax with a fully automated registration system, whether using our seamless integration with select 3rd party softwares or our easy to use application builder. Segment attendees with unlimited attendee types, add ticketing and pricing packages, and fully customize your registration pages from top to bottom.

Personalize Your Attendee's Journey

With an unlimited amount of types and packages, you can give every registrant a unique journey through your event. Whether free or paid, assign types based on who your attendees are and customize access to sessions, booths, and entire site segments. 

 Attendee Types & Packages

Utilize unlimited types and packages to segment attendees, limit access, and provide unique content based on each user.

Multiple applications

Create applications for different event series throughout the year.

 Email Marketing

Target attendees based on demographics collected in the application and send emails with personalized content or employ an automated newsletter.


Create custom dashboards for each attendee type for a more personalized attendee experience.

Enhance Your Event with a Complete Registration Solution

Take registrants through the application process with stunning visuals and custom fields. You're not limited to a simple page form, but a fully branded application page.

 Custom Fields

Add any demographic field you would like to ask on the application and collect that data in the attendee CRM.

 User Preferences

Attendees select their timezone, language and more at sign up.

 Fully Branded

Add images, videos, and more in a flexible application layout and truly make it your own.


Save time with automated welcome emails, confirmation emails, and more that can be pre-set to send as attendees sign up.


Add registration fees for access to premium content and events.


Set up an approval process to notify you when an application is submitted and allow attendees to join.

Unrestricted Registration Options

Prefer another registration option? We've got you covered! Venue offers multiple selections for integrations with some of your favorite 3rd party tools, or utilize our API to connect your own system.


Connect your CVENT registration seamlessly with Venue and send attendees directly to your event.


Gather registrants in Regfox and send them over directly with ease.


Enable the experient integration to begin connecting registrants directly into the platform.

 Additional 3rd Parties

Connect 3rd party registration systems using our API.


Registrants do not Always Equal Attendees

When someone registers for your event that does not necessarily mean that they will actually attend. This may seem counterintuitive to many, I mean if someone went through the effort of registering, they will certainly attend. Wrong, weirdly enough we have seen time and time again, that is just not true, even where attendees actually paid to be there.

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