Event Builder

Event Builder

The Only 100% Customizable Platform 

From start to finish, use our easy to use page building tools to create a beautiful platform that is entirely branded from top to bottom. 

Deliver a Fully Branded Experience

Venue makes it easy to customize the look and feel of the platform to match your event, training or digital engagement needs. Add unique branding to make your site attractive and memorable.

 White Labeled

Fully brand your platform to match your company's aesthetics.

Multiple Branding Options

Everything from the logo and background to button colors and fonts can be branded.

 Email Marketing

Add in custom headers, footers, and more to all site messaging to continue the branding experience beyond the platform.

No Set Format

Many platforms box you into a specific layout with no room for flexibility. Expand your horizons with full customization.

A Page Editor For Everyone

Using a simple and easy to use page builder, construct beautiful pages that will enhance your brand image and amplify audience engagement.


Pages and content are built using a simple and responsive grid system. Simply plug content into each grid to build professional looking pages.

 No Coding Required

You do not have to be a coder to create professional looking pages; however, custom CSS and HTML is allowed.

 Flexible Options

Add images, text, videos, and more in a flexible page layout and truly make it your own.

 Specialized Sections

Pages go beyond simple text and images. Embed custom code, add banners, content directories, interactive scenes, and more!


Add in 3rd party sections, videos, and more. Each page allows embed.

 Automated Directories

Add automated directories that can be filtered to display virtual booths, speakers, content posts, and sessions.

Save Time With Templates

Once you settle on the perfect look and feel, create a template from your designs to streamline creating pages, posts, booths and more!


Create the ideal design? Keep it consistent by maintaining that layout with each new page.


Add templates for booths and have the ability to pre-set layouts for different levels of sponsorships and more.

Events, Sessions, & Posts

Use the basic content or session layout or create a customized view that best fits your intended audience experience.

 2D Interactive Images

Utilize beautiful images that can be used throughout the platform with engaging clickable regions that can play videos, link to content, and more.

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How to Choose the Right Virtual Platform

Choosing the right virtual platform is critical to the success of any event with a digital component. With so many platforms out there, how do you pick the right one?

The ideal virtual and hybrid event platform to take your events to the next level

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