Data & Insights

Data & Insights

Strong Analytics & Tracking to Monitor Every Aspect of Your Event

Every interaction is tracked and displayed in the reporting database and made available to event hosts and exhibitors. Gather the tools you need to measure the success of your events, gauge engagement, and make impactful marketing decisions. 

Get the Full Picture With Advanced Insights

Venue goes beyond simply tracking session attendance, get the full scope of your event with detailed tracking throughout all segments of the platform.

 Event Registration Data

Gather registrant data that is collected in a database.

Track All Activity

Analyze interactions with content, virtual booths, forms, and sessions.

 Real Time Reporting

Update reports in real time and monitor your events while they're happening.

Custom Reports

Add filters and fields for custom reports that can be saved and viewed later.


Venue provides the opportunity to add in additional reporting softwares like Google Analytics and Adobe.

Expanded Post & Session Interactions

Don't just know where your audience goes within the platform, but gain insights on how they are interacting with content and sessions.

 Events & Sessions

View registrants, attendance, and duration for all integrated events*.

 On Demand

Guage engagement with On Demand reporting that shows when and for how long your audience views certain types of content.

*Data available through select Integrations

Empower Exhibitors & Sponsors With Booth Reports

Boost ROI for Exhibitors & Sponsors with real-time reports for booth statistics, form submissions, in-booth sessions, and attendee activity.


Choose what reports to provide to exhibitors for differently levels of sponsorship.

 Lead Generation

Empower booths with lead reports on booth visitors to maximize their ROI


Gather information from visitors on booth pages with custom fields.

 Events & Sessions

Booths host their own sessions and gather information based on registrants and attendance.

ADCES Case Study

Connect members for idea sharing & relationships

Dashboards connected attendees to directories for individuals to find others with common interests to initiate a 1 on 1 messaging dialogue. Discussion forums had topics ranging from selfcare, to recipes and strategies on how to better serve patients.

The ideal virtual and hybrid event platform to take your events to the next level

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