Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Captivate Your Audience With Engaging & Interactive Experiences

Better engagement tools leads to better attendance. Keeps attendees immersed and focused to deliver positive experiences that will keep them coming back.

Keep Your Audience Engaged Every Step of the Way

Provide several ways for your audience to engage with the event platform to stay entertained and build a sense of community.

 Chat Messaging

Participants can utilize live chat functionality without leaving the platform


Create and manage multiple discussion forums where attendees can engage with one another through custom categories you create.


Reward points and create a leader board for completing activities within the platform, adding a sense of fun and entertainment for exploring. 

 Attendee Directory

Allow attendees to browse others in attendance and harbor an environment for creating new and meaningful connections.

Good for Exhibitors, Great for Attendees

Increase virtual booth interactions with tools designed to increase participation with exhibitors and sponsors through in booth sessions, chat, badgescan, and more.

 Booth Chat

Attendees engage in group chats with virtual booths to discover more about areas they are interested in from their favorite sponsors.

 Badge Scan

Just stopping by? Attendees can announce their visit to virtual booths by clicking "Badgescan"


Don't miss a thing by subscribing to booths and see all their latest posts in a newsfeed.

 In Booth Sessions

Join and meet up face to face with virtual sessions created entirely within each booth.


Come back later to meaningful content that can be saved.


Leave a note for a virtual booth to contact you by submitted a custom form for each specific booth.

Multiple Ways to Engage Directly With Your Audience

Venue does more than allow your audience to engage with the platform and each other, utilize even more ways to communicate directly with everyone interacting with your platform.


Create the ultimate personalized experience by updating a unique dashboard view for each attendee type.


Have something important to announce? Send a site wide message with the built-in announcement feature that displays on every page.

 Email Messaging

Send out emails from the event platform based on attendee types or datafields collected at sign up.


Share files directly with your audience that are accessed directly in the attendee dashboard.

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Online Communities, An Extension of the Event Experience

Attendees, sponsors and exhibitors loved your annual conference in Vegas, reconnecting with friends, getting the latest industry updates, and attending valuable workshops.

The ideal virtual and hybrid event platform to take your events to the next level

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