Exhibitor & Sponsor Management

Exhibitor & Sponsor Management

Deliver Value To Your Exhibitors With Maximum Attendee Engagement and Flexible Branding Experience

Give your exhibitors a complete self service virtual booth that can be individually branded apart from the rest of the event site. Maximize lead generation through multiple lead capturing opportunities and maximize brand exposure.

Take the Stress out of Exhibitor Management 

Provide all the tools exhibitors need to showcase their products, services, and information through self service virtual booth spaces. Utilize a generic branded training and support knowledgebase to support exhibitors on how to build their booth and engage with attendees.

 Booth Templates

Standardize the look and feel of booths with templates that can be segmented by sponsorship level.

Self Service

Exhibitors can have their own login credentials to setup their own virtual booth, upload content, host events, and more.

 Fully Customizable

Virtual booths are fully branded microsites within the event platform, with separate navigation bar, pages, directories, events, and more.

 Collect Custom Fields

Create custom fields and collect data on exhibitors to send targeted messaging and maximize marketing efforts.

 Booth Application

Onboard new exhibitors and sponsors with an application, enable approval to manage new booths as they apply.

 Personalized Messaging

Send out custom messaging to virtual booth administrators or update the exhibitors own personal dashboard.

Next Level Attendee Engagement Inside Every Booth

Increase virtual booth interactions with tools designed to increase participation with exhibitors and sponsors through in booth sessions, chat, badgescan, and more.

 Booth Chat

Attendees engage in group chats with virtual booths to discover more about areas they are interested in from their favorite sponsors.

 Badge Scan

Attendees can scan their badge when visiting a booth providing exhibitors with their information.

 Smart Meetings

Connect exhibitors with attendees based on interests to ensure they reach their target audience.

 In Booth Sessions

Exhibitors can host virtual networking opportunities, Q&A sessions, meetings and more.

 2D Interactive Images

Create stunning images with hotspots that enables viewers to watch videos, explore pages, and more.


Leave a note for a virtual booth to contact you by submitted a custom form for each specific booth.

Better Value and Better Insights

Exhibitors want to know how well their virtual booth is in engaging booth visitors, provide all the tools they need in order to monitor traffic and gain leads.

 Extensive Reports

Browse between several reports from form submissions, post activity to booth visits.

 High Value Analytics

Take a deep dive and truly understand how attendees are engaging booths, what pages and content are most popular, how well sessions are attended, and more.

 Lead Generation

Site organizers can decide to provide full registration lists or provide attendee data based on booth traffic to exhibitors - all inside the platform.

 Custom Reporting

Filter and customize reports to have different views or export in common excel formats.

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