Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Marketing Made Easy For Engaging and Growing Your Audience

Take charge of connecting with your audience well before the show begins, to long after, with comprehensive and intuitive marketing solutions that meet every need.

Built-in Automated Email Solutions

With a full suite of email options, you can communicate targeted or general messages to your audience. Go one step further with automation and spend your time focusing where it matters most.

 Application Automation

Automatically send out custom welcome emails, confirmations, approval notifications and more in response to application requests.

Custom Email Messages

Generate professional looking emails with our easy to use wysiwyg email editor. No coding required.

 Auto-Populated Newsletters

Deliver newsletters from the platform that can automatically pull content, sessions, and booths directly from the site. Saving you time creating content.

 Targeted Content

Use custom database fields for attendees to send targeted content and messages. 

 Branded Sender Address

White label email sends to come from a unique email address and set a custom "reply to" address

 Personalize Each Message

Use variable tags to add recipients names and other information for a more personal feel.

Stunning Landing Pages

Encourage attendance or inform attendees with beautiful custom pages and applications.

 Code Free

Build remarkable pages without any coding expertise with an intuitive page builder that anyone can use.

 HTML Enabled

Coding pro? Plug in custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript into any page or on the site level for enhanced customization.

 Multiple Landing Pages

Add and build unlimited pages that can be used to inform, educate, or inspire.

 Fully Configurable Applications

Add and manage unlimited applications, each full customizable from top to bottom with custom graphics, and fields.

Measure Your Success

Find out what content matters most to your site visitors with multi-level tracking.

 Email Insights

Understand how your campaigns are performing with detailed statistics on clicks, opens, and more.

 Analyze Traffic 

Find out which content, sessions, and booths are most popular.

 Custom CRM/Database

Collect content and information on your audience, then use that information to send or queue up relevant information.

 Add 3rd Party Tools

Add in your own 3rd party tools by embedding tracking code from any tool into the site header or footer.

ADCES Case Study

Connect members for idea sharing & relationships

Dashboards connected attendees to directories for individuals to find others with common interests to initiate a 1 on 1 messaging dialogue. Discussion forums had topics ranging from selfcare, to recipes and strategies on how to better serve patients.

The ideal virtual and hybrid event platform to take your events to the next level

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