Virtual Events

Virtual Event Platform

Bring Events Straight To Your Attendees

Create an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience for your audience with a fully branded, captivating, and easy to use virtual platform for all types of events.

Don't Just Deliver an Event, Deliver an Experience

Have your audience embark on a digital journey from the application to attending sessions. Customize every step of the way and sit back with automated directories, pre-scheduled content, and an intuitive interface for easy management.

Use Multi-Track Registration

Set up multiple, fully branded applications and collect data through custom fields all in one place.

Immerse Attendees

Personalize your audience's journey through custom dashboards, and access to content based on attendee types.

Have Fun With Gamification

Reward points through scavenger hunts, or visiting pages, and create a running leaderboard.

Build a Community

Encourage community with built in private messaging, discussion forums, and searchable directories.

Get Your Message Out

Send out newsletters and custom emails directly from the platform, as well as automated event reminders, welcome emails, and more.

Brand From Top To Bottom

Extend your desired branding throughout with the single most customizable platform on the market.

Everything Your Want From a Virtual Event Platform

With so many options out there, it is important to find the solution that has everything you need in one place.

Session Management

Build agendas for every audience with automated directories, speakers, sponsors, and permission based access.

Pick Your Web Solution

Add in BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom and host sessions in web solutions you're already familiar with.

Comprehensive Knowledgebase

Never get stuck with access to a complete online help center that provides visual articles for every aspect of the platform.

Integrate with Your Favorites

Utilize multiple integrations including web meetings, video streaming platforms, 3rd party registration tools, eCommerce, and more.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Management

Monetize booth applicants and provide fully customizable and flexible booths. Deliver lead and traffic reports directly in the platform.

 Valuable Insight

Employ google analytics and other tracking codes or dive into advanced reporting that monitors attendance, activity, and traffic throughout the platform.

Mesmerize With Enhanced Branding & Customization

Break out of the box and unlock your potential with a fully customizable platform with unlimited branding options.

 Create Your Look

Add stunning pages from the application and landing pages, to site pages and virtual booths.

 Easy to Build

All emails and pages are built with an intuitive WYSIWIG editor, or add your own HTML, JS, or CSS.

 Save Time With Templates

Create pages, booths, and more then use those formats as a template going forward.

 2D Interactive Images

Upload custom images and link "hot zones" that can open videos or navigate to other areas of the platform.

Events Without Limitations

Expand your reach and deliver an interactive and fun virtual event. The benefits of going virtual continue to be top of mind for audiences everywhere.

No Geographical Limitations

Grow your audience beyond physical borders by offering an event that can be accessed around the globe.

Better Attendee Insights

Understand your attendee's journey at every touchpoint from the application to watching post event recordings with advanced tracking an in-person event won't be able to offer.

Lower Your Costs

Between a venue, travel accommodations, and more, virtual allows your participants to engage from the comfort of their home. Saving you in return.

 Create a Community

Grow beyond static one time events and continually engage your audience through chat, on demand content, and new information long after the event has ended.

The ideal virtual and hybrid event platform to take your events to the next level

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