Hybrid Events

Hybrid Event Platform

Combine in-person events with virtual and get the best of both worlds

Choose Venue, a powerful event management platform that combines the best elements of virtual and in-person formats to deliver a truly captivating experience that will amaze your attendees.

Immerse your audience with the perfect event platform that blends virtual and in-person

With the power, flexibility, and scalability to engage participants from anywhere around the world, our hybrid events platform is your ticket to significantly boosting participation, expanding your event's reach, and creating a holistic experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Automate Your Marketing

Deliver information, notifications reminders, and more from a fully automated marketing hub.

Access Detailed Tracking

Gain insight into your audience including views, downloads, form submissions, and participation in events.

Branded to Your Needs

Extend your desired branding throughout with the single most flexible and customizable platform on the market.

Use Multi-Track Registration

Set up multiple, fully branded applications and collect data through custom fields all in one place.

Immerse Attendees

Personalize your audience's journey through custom dashboards, and access to content based on attendee types.

Get Everything You Need in One Place

One platform for registration, sessions, virtual booths and more.

Grow Your Reach Beyond Traditional In-Person Events

Enhance events with a virtual component to ensure you don't leave anyone out.

Flexible Timing

Run virtual concurrently or post event with ease. Ensure your audience doesn't miss out on valuable content and sessions.

Increase Attendance

Many individuals cannot attend in-person events due to time constraints, budget concerns, security issues and more. Having virtual has no longer just a 'nice to have.'

Appeal to a Broader Audience

Providing a hybrid experience allows you to extend your reach and enable access to those that may not be able to attend in-person.

 Boost Revenue

Open up additional avenues of revenue by allowing participants to join in-person or online.

Live Streaming

Provide a venue for participants to view your sessions whether they are in an auditorium or viewing from the comfort of their home.

 No Limitations

Go from local to global with a fully built platform that can include content, sessions, automated directories, and more.

Don't just create an event, create an experience

Break out of the box and unlock your potential with a fully customizable and flexible platform with unlimited branding options.

 Continuous Engagement

Provide an avenue for your audience to engage with your event long after the convention center doors have closed.

 Better Networking

Allow attendees to connect with even more of their peers through online member directories, chat messaging, and personal profiles.

 Smart Meetings

Give your audience a way to schedule and meet with their peers in person or virtually through automated matchmaking.

 Provide Valuable Information

Include a one stop shop for information that participants need when attending your event from floor plans to a comprehensive agenda.

Advanced Features For Your Peace of Mind

From having a backup to inclusivity, Venue has your best interests covered.

 A Safety Net For Your Event

Include a backup for your in-person event with everything participants need if for any reason the event is impacted by unforeseen circumstances.

Stay Inclusive

Make sure you don't leave anyone out through customized time zones, built in translation tools, closed captioning, and more.

Communicate Better

With your audience in transit, it can be difficult to communicate. Use Venue to deliver announcements, messages, and notifications in real time.

 Multi-Track Sessions

Give your audience a smoother experience by customizing their journey through unique content, session tracks, and dashboards.

The ideal virtual and hybrid event platform to take your events to the next level

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