Connected Community

Connected Community

Engage Members Year-Round Using Virtual Communities 

Foster a thriving community by providing year-round access to education, events, and captivating content. Venue provides a virtual platform that both engages and educates members. 

Create an Accessible Community to Create Meaningful Connections

Leverage our online event community solution to connect your members, fuel ongoing learning, and create invaluable networking opportunities, all in one centralized platform.

Promote Content

Automated directories allow for continuously updated content for members to engage with.

Spotlight Speakers

Feature speakers and allow them to be connected to session posts or content directories.

Get Everything You Need in One Place

One platform for registration, sessions, virtual booths and more.

Automate Your Outreach

Deliver important information, notifications, reminders, and more from a fully automated marketing hub.

Access Detailed Tracking

Gain insight into your audience including views, downloads, form submissions, and participation in events.

Flexible Branding

Extend your desired branding throughout with the single most flexible and customizable platform on the market.

Keep Members Coming Back

Fully immerse your members by delivering a constant stream of captivating content, ensuring their ongoing engagement and satisfaction.

 Continuous Access

Provide members year-round access to a wealth of valuable content. Host a multitude of events throughout the year and curate on-demand resources.

 Instant Messaging

Empower members to engage in seamless conversations, both amongst themselves and with vendors.


Utilize Forums to enable members to exchange ideas, collaborate, and engage in vibrant discussions within a structured framework.

 Member Directories

Create a centralized directory among members that allows them to network with ease.


Boost attendee engagement with gamification to explore vendors, navigate the site, and participate in interactive scavenger hunts for exciting prizes.

 Flexible Networking 

With diverse avenues for networking within the platform, your members can cultivate  meaningful connections on their own terms throughout the year.

Manage Your Community Members With Ease

Keep your community growing and evolving with a member registration system that has you covered.

 Platform Registration

Built-in registration with a custom page, form, pricing packages, and paywall.

 Exclusive Access

Segment your online community by member type to provide a VIP experience. 

 Track Members

Our CRM allows you to keep any information you collect on your members safe and secure. 

 Increase Profitability

Grow revenue by offering paid subscriptions to members upon registration. 

Establish a Marketplace For Your Vendors

Foster an environment where vendors can showcase their products and releases, ensuring continuous engagement with your audience.

 Value for Vendors

Venue offers exhibitors a full virtual booth experience. Multiple touchpoints in these booths enable them to gather valuable leads.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Use Venue to empower your vendors with exclusive opportunities to sponsor sessions and prominently showcase their brand throughout the site.

 Advertise Products

Create automated directories to bring together all of your vendors content in one place for easy access.

 Forge Connections

Allow vendors to engage with your members through personalized meeting requests, badge scan, and chat.

The ideal virtual and hybrid event platform to take your events to the next level

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