Training & Certification

Training & Certification

Offer Online Training & Certification Programs Year-Round

Explore a rich array of live and on-demand sessions organized into education tracks while also gaining access to certifications and customer training.

Transform Your Educational Events Into  Immersive Experiences 

Unlock a transformative educational experience within Venue, where audiences can engage and learn at their own pace.

Unlimited ePosters

Allow specialized catalogs where members can upload ePosters in their own member profile.

Curate Your Journey

Personalize your member's experience through custom dashboards, and access to content based on attendee types.


Use our built-in integrations with Zoom, BlueJeans, and Microsoft Teams, as well as embeddable 3rd party options.

Spotlight Speakers

Feature speakers and allow them to be connected to session posts or content directories.

Get Your Message Out

Send out messages directly from the platform, as well as automated event reminders, welcome emails, and more.

Engage Your Audience

Get your members involved with built in private messaging, discussion forums, scavenger hunts and searchable directories.

Education At Your Fingertips

The platform includes live and on-demand sessions that can be organized by education tracks.

Live Streaming

Provide a venue for participants to view your sessions whether they are in a conference room or viewing from the comfort of their home.

 On Demand Content

Continuously engage your audience on their own schedule with on demand content that they can view any time.

 Unlimited Content

Host all different types of content on the platform and pull them into organized, automated directories for easy access.

 Organized Agenda

All of your sessions, all in one place. Use automated directories to pull in your sessions automatically or sort by day or track.

Customizable Attendee Journey

Give your members a unique, personalized experience throughout the platform based on their member type.

 Unique Dashboards

Dashboards display messages, help members navigate the site, and provides access to features. 

 Tailored Feed

Generate personalized session tracks for members and allow them to curate their own feed by subscribing to relevant catalogs.


Allow certain attendee types to have access to discussion forums and instant messaging.

 Customized Access

In the application, add packages in registration that correspond to different types and access levels within the site.

Advanced Tracking & Analytics 

Track attendee engagement and receive detailed analytics on site traffic, session attendance, content views, and more! 

 Video Reporting

Uploaded videos on the platform allow for detailed analytics. Track exactly how much of the video a member has watched.

Better Attendee Insights

Understand your attendee's journey at every touchpoint from the application to watching post event recordings with tracking a live show won't be able to offer.

 Session Attendance

Utilize our video conference integrations to access concise reports on member attendance and exact session durations.

 Booth Reports

Utilize booth reports to provide vendors with sophisticated analytics on booth visitors. Tailor the fields in these reports to offer customizable insights for vendors.

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