Internal Events

Internal Events

Create an Immersive Experience For Your Employees

Fuel collaboration, motivation, and loyalty among your employees with immersive, captivating events that leave a lasting impact.

Elevate Your Internal Events for Unmatched Employee Connection and Inspiration

Craft memorable experiences that foster strong connections, boost engagement, and reinforce your company's culture, all in one streamlined event solution.

Easy To Use

Effortlessly configure the site to fit your needs without technical expertise or coding skills.

Access Detailed Tracking

Gain insight into your audience including views, downloads, form submissions, and participation in events.

Have Fun With Gamification

Reward points through scavenger hunts, or visiting pages, and create a running leaderboard.

Build a Community

Encourage community with built in private messaging, discussion forums, and searchable directories.

Get Your Message Out

Send emails directly from the platform, as well as automated event reminders, welcome emails, and more.

Showcase Your Brand

Reinforce your employer brand by seamlessly incorporating your own design throughout the site.

Build Company Culture

Engage your employees and create an environment for them to forge connections across the globe.

Worldwide Connections

Leverage diverse networking features like chat and discussion forums to collaborate with geographically dispersed teams effectively.

 Member Directories

By utilizing searchable directories, employees can cultivate meaningful connections using customized fields.


Enhance inclusivity of your internal event with closed captioning, translation services, different time zones, and comprehensive accessibility features.

 Engage Your Employees

Get your employees involved with built in private messaging, discussion forums, scavenger hunts and more.

Education & Training To Inspire

Organize impactful educational gatherings and training sessions to foster growth and development.

 Live Streaming

Provide a venue for employees to view your sessions whether they are in a conference room or viewing from the comfort of their home.

On Demand Content

Continuously engage your employees on their own schedule with on demand content that they can view any time.


Immerse new employees in engaging onboarding and orientation events to encourage professional development.

 Product Updates

Send out regular information on new products and services to keep your organization up to date.

The ideal virtual and hybrid event platform to take your events to the next level

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