Your All-in-One Platform For Engaging Member Events

Exceed expectations and deliver immersive event experiences with Venue's innovative tools, empowering your members and sponsors to maximize their event participation like never before.

Everything You Need For Association Events

Unlock the full potential of your association events with Venue's comprehensive platform, revolutionizing event management for smarter outcomes.

Easy To Manage

Run events with a small team with an easy to use platform, no expert help or coding experience required. 

Budget Friendly

Create captivating association events within your budget. Explore a range of options to discover the perfect fit for your event.

Access Detailed Tracking

Gain insight into your audience including views, downloads, form submissions, and participation in events.

Promote Content

Automated directories allow for continuously updated content for members to engage with.

Get Your Message Out

Send out emails directly from the platform, as well as automated event reminders, welcome emails, and more.

Brand From Top To Bottom

Extend your desired branding throughout with the single most flexible and customizable platform on the market.

Build A Community

Cultivate meaningful connections among your members with Venue's immersive platform, fostering an engaging event environment.


Enhance inclusivity with closed captioning, translation services, different time zones, and comprehensive accessibility features.


Utilize forums to enable members to exchange ideas, collaborate, and engage in vibrant discussions within a structured framework.

Worldwide Connections

Leverage diverse networking features like chat and discussion forums to connect your members across the globe.

 Member Directories

By utilizing searchable directories, members can cultivate meaningful connections using customized fields.

Monetize Your Events

Use your event platform as a revenue stream by adding packages for attendees or selling sponsorship opportunities and virtual booths. 

 Platform Registration

Venue's built-in registration includes a custom page, form, pricing packages, and integrations with multiple payment systems.

 Host Multiple Events

Build a revenue stream by hosting one or multiple events throughout the year for your members.

 Sponsorship Opportunities

Use Venue to empower your sponsors with exclusive opportunities to sponsor sessions and prominently showcase their brand throughout the site.

 Interactive Booths

Drive member engagement and lead generation with customizable sponsor booths, delivering interactive experiences and detailed reports.

Engage & Educate Your Members

Cultivate an engaging and educational environment that facilitates member learning and growth.


Build agendas for every audience with automated directories, speakers, sponsors, and permission based access.

 Continuing Education

Gain insights into member attendance, session durations, and video engagement with concise and precise reports.

Live Streaming

Provide a venue for members to view your sessions whether they are in a conference room or viewing from the comfort of their home.

 Keep Attendees Engaged

Get your members involved with built in private messaging, discussion forums, scavenger hunts and more.

The ideal virtual and hybrid event platform to take your events to the next level

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