Program Benefits

Automated, Complete, Easy to Manage

Cloud Conventions manages all aspects of a virtual event without stressing your staff or overspending on technology

Generate Revenue

If your live event was sidelined, then a virtual event powered by Cloud Conventions keeps revenue flowing through attendee registrations, sponsorships and exhibitors.

Easy to Manage

The technology and platform are set up for you, with easy to understand features, and tutorials.  Manage it yourself or engage Convey to manage the platform or event.

Engage Attendees

Custom dashboards, appealing design and graphics, opportunities to interact and share, and compelling live, recorded sessions and content keep attendees interested and engaged.

Automate Processes

Set up processes to automatically onboard manage attendees, remind and notify, schedule and manage events and more.  Manage a virtual event without the need for a big staff.

Attract Sponsors

Virtual booths are easy to set up and manage to capture attendee information as well as create calls to action.  The platform creates extended promotional opportunities.

Automate Outreach

Sophisticated email technology automates reminders and notifications, delivers newsletters and manages promotional campaigns to boost attendee registration.

Analyze ROI

Detailed reports that show how individuals interact with virtual booths and advertising.  Form reports provided to exhibitors and sponsors capturing attendee information and requests.

Cost Efficient

Cloud Conventions is affordable with the option to license the technology only or have Convey provide professional services to setup and manage the event for you.