Sponsors & Exhibitors

Deliver the Right ROI to Sponsors &  Exhibitors

Virtual conferences and shows deliver a strong ROI to sponsors & exhibitors from attendee engagement, continuous promotion and virtual booth activity

Virtual or Live?

Virtual and live events are different in terms of cost, staff time, engaging attendees and ways to think about ROI.  With today’s uncertainty about travel safety, a virtual event is the perfect alternative to provide value to the attendees, generate revenue from sponsors and execute a virtual event at a fraction of the cost of a live show


Promote your program and services collecting attendee information and tracking their interest in you. Virtual events goes live but the event portal stays online longer giving individuals more opportunities to explore your information on demand.  Track ROI with detailed reports from the Cloud Conventions portal

Exhibit or Sponsor

An event delivered with Cloud Conventions offers vendors & sponsors many ways to promote yourself by having a virtual booth, advertising placements, outreach to attendees, speaking opportunities and more. Sponsoring or exhibiting is a fraction of the cost of live trade shows or conferences