Deliver an Interactive, Educational & Fun  Experience

A Cloud Conventions event goes well beyond the webinar to provide attendees opportunities to interact with each other and sponsors, have a content-rich experience and amp up the fun!

Speakers & Sessions

Cloud Conventions helps its customers create speaker sessions that are interesting and engaging to best hold the attention of a virtual viewer.  Sessions to any sized audience can be delivered by a live presenter or from a recording with chat, polling and Q&A available.  Sessions are recorded and posted on the portal for viewing online 24 X 7.

Live Chat & Meetings

Virtual booths have live chat rooms to go online and interact in real time with company representatives. Get your questions answered, see what other people are asking, and find out more of what you need to know about their services. One on one meetings are available through the virtual booth calendar.

Prizes & Giveaways

Sponsors can offer “virtual swag” during a Cloud Conventions event from the booths or attendee dashboard. The more attendees explore the site, attend live and recorded events or interact with content, they can pick up CloudPoints. Attendees with the most points get the most chances for special prizes.

Network with Peers

Join peer discussion groups throughout a Cloud Conventions event. Forums are organized by topic or attendee type and offer opportunities to share ideas, talk strategy or ask questions of your peers. A daily forum digest email provides updates on forum activity.

Continuing Education

Offer continuing education credit for attendees and use Cloud Conventions to manage the process.  Use session reports to validate attendance and questionnaires for post-session speaker reviews.  CE certificates are created by the event host and delivered to attendees in their dashboards to download to receive their credits.

The Fun Factor

Join hosts or sponsors for a virtual cocktail party, lunch or break session. Come ready for a lively conversation chat to the hosts, ask questions and get their feedback on the state of business or the organization.  Virtual networking sessions can have breakout rooms to connect with close friends.