Sponsors & Exhibitors

A Fraction of the Cost of Live Events

Cloud Conventions helps sponsors & exhibitors attract and engage attendees through promotional opportunities and attendee interaction.

Large High Value
Attendee Audience

A Cloud Conventions conference, trade show or event will attract a much larger audience who can attend without the risk and cost of travel.  Attendees can jump in or out of the platform, watch live or recorded sessions, and express their interest in a sponsor's products and services.

Capture Attendee

Attendees have multiple ways to engage with sponsors, providing their contact information and interest in meetings, demos or services.  Attendee information can be collected in return for access to promotions and virtual swag, in virtual booths, from attending events, in site-wide contests or other interactive events.

Low Risk
High Reward

Cloud Conventions is a fraction of the cost of traditional live trade shows and events making it a low risk, high reward promotional opportunity.  Because the show is virtual, there is no need to spend money on travel and entertainment, time away from the office, or expensive trade show booths. 

On Demand
24 X 7

Cloud Conventions can go live but extend the value of the event for the sponsor.  Sessions can be recorded and presented on demand with content and information inside the virtual booth available 24X7.  Cloud Conventions can continue to reach out to its attendees and those that could not attend to remind them to come look.

Measurable Return
on Investment

Sponsors and exhibitors have access to detailed reports showing attendee interaction and engagement with their online advertising, content, events and promotions.  Attendees have multiple opportunities to share their contact information, request meetings, or get engaged with event sponsors.  Sponsors and exhibitors form new relationships and deepen existing ones.

Hassle Free
Low Stress

There is no need for staff to travel, book flights and hotels or be away from the office.  Nobody has to worry about their trade show booth, shipping costs, or boxes of marketing materials and giveaways.  It’s easy for staff to be available for inquiries during show time without having to stand in a booth waiting for someone to drop by.

Raise Brand

Sponsors and exhibitors can continue to build their brand by having a powerful marketing message inside their virtual booth or elsewhere in the platform.  They can opt to produce virtual events positioning themselves as thought leaders in their industry, in their market segment, or as experts in their product category.

Sponsor and

Exhibitors have a virtual booth that attracts attendees to explore content, incentives and company information.  Add sponsorship opportunities to get preferred exposure on a Cloud Conventions portal home page, inside of the attendee dashboard, or in promotional emails to attendees before, during and after the virtual event.