Event Network

Hub & Spoke Manages Multiple Events

Does your organization manage multiple events throughout the year, each with its own identity?  If so, then an Event Network offers you the efficiency of managing separate Cloud Convention portals from a centralized hub site.

Hub & Spoke

The Cloud Conventions Hub & Spoke network connects separate event portals to a hub site for centralized management.  Setup speaker profiles, content catalogs and exhibitor booths on the hub site and duplicate all the elements to the event portals in the network.  Reports detail event activity across the network.


If you plan to offer the same sessions at different events, then those sessions can be set up in the hub site, delivered to event portals having all of the detail individuals need to explore the session, register and attend.  Simply change the date and time to match the event dates.  Add a speaker profile in the hub site for speakers who will be delivering sessions to other events.


Your organization gets the benefit of consolidated reporting in a Hub & Spoke network.  Run reports to show virtual booth activity, engagement with content, session registration, or attendee activity on the hub site for analytics on all events or for each individual event.

Virtual Booths

Exhibitors that participate in multiple events would manage their virtual booth from the hub site.  Every change they make in the booth as well as its content can be delivered to all the event sites in the network or some of them.  If an exhibitor participates in some, but not all of the events in the network, simply “disconnect” their booths from that event.