Channel Partners

Add Virtual Events to your Suite of Services

Cloud Conventions is a SaaS technology portal that delivers recurring revenue as organizations add virtual or hybrid events in 2020 and beyond.

Turnkey & Automated

A Cloud Conventions portal is delivered with all of the structure needed for an organization to customize graphics, onboard attendees, manage exhibitor booths, and add online sessions.  Organizations can add professional services for their event or run them on their own.  Cloud Conventions does not require IT resources to run it.

Competitive Pricing

Offer Cloud Conventions to any size organization and price it competitively to meet budget requirements.  The program an be offered as a fully-managed event or as a self-serve technology to deliver the event.  Use Cloud Conventions standard pricing or ask for a ""buy rate" to create your own pricing.

Add Conferencing Revenue

Unlike other platforms that are tied to a single conferencing solution, Cloud Conventions is conferencing neutral with the opportunity to select any provider.  Sell the Cloud Conventions program and offer the conferencing solution to increase recurring revenue.

Sales Support

The Cloud Conventions team provides you brandable sales materials to help you sell, will train your sales people or will team with you in the sales process.  We support you every step of the way to make sure you understand the technology, its benefits and how to sell the service.

Partnership Models

Cloud Conventions offers flexible models to a channel partner to add virtual events to its suite of services.  Refer a prospect, participate in the sales process, or invoice the customer by marking up the wholesale rate with your custom pricing.  License the technology and private label it.

Reliable & Scalable

Cloud Conventions has been developed over 8 years, is hosted in the Rackspace private cloud and is reliable, secure and scalable.  Use the Hub & Spoke program for organizations that have multiple events that could be managed from a centralized hub site.