Cloud Exhibit

The Cloud Exhibit Portable Virtual Booth

Cloud Exhibit is the online platform for companies that want a portable exhibit environment to enhance the attendee experience and generate leads regardless of the virtual trade show, event or conference. Your company now owns the exhibit environment that can be used over multiple events linking or connecting attendees to your custom experience regardless of the event platform.  No development needed to customize and manage the Cloud Exhibit technology with a no risk, low cost subscription program.

Customized & Branded

Add or embed graphics, videos and 3D experiences to create a custom look.

Use at Multiple Events

Permanent booth to hyperlink or deliver attendees to your virtual booth.

Attendee CRM & Analytics

Add attendees to the CRM and use advanced reporting to track their activity.

Email Marketing Capabilities

Deliver messages, newsletters or campaigns through the email marketing engine.

Live Chat & Messaging

Engage attendees with 1 on 1 chat and messages added to the Message Center.

Embed 3D or Video

Embed code from any 3D technology or videos to create a powerful experience.

Cloud Exhibit Demo

Cloud Exhibit is a low-cost program with a monthly or annual subscription plan.  Pay a low-cost setup fee, get our help to brand and customize the platform or use your team to manage it yourself.

Cloud Exhibit Demo